The Role of Storytelling in Creating Compelling VideoJobs®

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The true strength of any business lies in its employees. Whether we talk about managers, data analysts, or any other role, they are responsible for maintaining and managing business processes. That is why companies invest a lot of resources into recruiting young talents and experienced professionals.

However, employee requirements are changing rapidly. They want more out of their jobs. That is why a job ad should be enticing and engaging. Otherwise, it will not attract the attention of the right people.

A job ad should not only provide information about a job position. It should also tell a story about the company and help candidates to visualize themselves making a valuable contribution.

With that in mind, we want to talk about the role of storytelling in creating compelling VideoJobs®. Here is your opportunity to learn how to attract talent the right way!

Why VideoJobs®?

VideoJobs® are not expensive. The alternative is to simply put out a text job ad, list all requirements and benefits, and provide a link to submit a CV. That is all fine, but you want to go an extra step. You want to offer more, and at a low cost.

As we mentioned, people are looking to be a part of a winning team, not just for the next few years, but long-term. Videos have the power to engage the audience and capture their attention. They are more dynamic and can provide a lot more information than a simple text ad. Furthermore, they can also convey emotions, so you should use them in your hunt for young talent.

Before we look at the process of creating compelling VideoJobs®, let’s look at some examples of how companies use storytelling to capture the attention of candidates. That will give you an insight into why you should use employer branding in your VideoJob®.

Examples Of Storytelling in Video Jobs

One of the examples to observe is when Airbnb launched a video job ad for a content strategist position. Throughout the ad, they talk about how the entire business revolutionized traveling and experiencing new cultures. The idea was to shift the focus from a simple job description to the company culture and the diversity of their teams and help future candidates understand how they could become part of that team and contribute to company goals.

Apple used a similar strategy for their software engineer job ad. When we say “software engineering”, that includes a wide array of options. There are many different branches, and it often becomes difficult for a candidate to understand where they fit within the team. While Apple as a company sounds very attractive, it still wanted to shift the focus to how its products are changing the lives of its clients. Through that, they invited candidates to become a part of that change and help improve its products and customer experience.

The idea is to create inclusive VideoJobsâ that use storytelling to help candidates imagine how it would feel working for that brand. That is a much better strategy than just focusing on the benefits of the actual job position.

Four Steps to Creating Compelling VideoJobs® That Rely On Storytelling

Let’s review a step-by-step guide that should show you how to sell your brand through a VideoJob®. You should not solely focus on advertising the job position. While it is crucial to list all of the requirements and benefits of the job, that is just the technical aspect of a job ad.

With that in mind, we will assume that you already know the requirements and benefits of the job position and your targeted audience. This is just a crucial part of any marketing strategy. If you want to launch your first Google Ads campaign, it is important to research how to define your targeted audience and run your first campaign successfully.

Let’s move on to actually using storytelling to improve VideoJobs®. Here are all the necessary steps.

Step 1 – Create A Mesmerizing Brand Story

Every story has an enticing beginning, an interesting middle, and an end that makes you react. It follows a plot that should constantly keep the reader on the edge, waiting to hear what happens next. That’s the feeling you should try to replicate with your VideoJobs®.

You need to focus on presenting a fantastic story about your brand. Tell the candidates what the benefits of working for the company are. Furthermore, show them how working for the company will help them to achieve their personal goals. Also, remember to include a message about the company culture that sets your brand apart from the rest.

Step 2 – Pick The Best Storytelling Format

Your storytelling format depends on the message you are trying to convey. You could use many different options, such as testimonials and interviews with current employees. You could have them talk about the following:

  • Their experience during the hiring process
  • How they feel working for the company
  • What their day looks like
  • What are their reasons for working for the company
  • If they had any impact on the brand

This is an excellent addition to your VideoJobs®. It provides real-life examples that will help the candidates visualize the process and also help with the recruitment process.

Step 3 – Use Visuals And Music To Create A Connection

Powerful visuals and music convey emotions. They are a crucial resource that will improve the entire VideoJob®. That will enhance the mood of the ad and create an emotional connection with the candidates.

Step 4 – Add A CTA Button At The End

As with every ad, leaving a CTA button at the end is essential. In this case, you could either provide a link to the submission form or provide emails or phone numbers for reaching out to recruiters. That all depends on how you wish to approach the process. Also, remember to include all the requirements for the submission, so the candidates do not feel confused about what they should send to apply and where.

Tell Your Story the Right Way!

And there you have it! That is how you should use storytelling in creating compelling VideoJobs®. You want to show your company’s vision and help the candidates visualize themselves not just becoming a part of that vision but also having a massive impact on its course! Remember that you are picking the candidates. But the candidates are also choosing the company they will work for.


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