Common Questions & Answers

Below, you can find answers to our most commonly asked questions. If you’d still like more information, please contact us!

The “Candidates” section of the Digi-Me website is similar to a job board. It contains listings of client job videos that are currently active. Here, candidates can perform basic searches, share job videos on social media sites or via email, and apply for open positions by clicking the “apply now” button, which re-directs them to that particular client’s designated career site. Candidates can also create custom search alerts that will send them a text and/or email when new postings are added that match their criteria.

Over 80% of potential candidates start their job searches on Google, so it is essential for your job openings to be search engine optimized to stand out from the pack. Since Google and other Internet search engines are programmed to recognize video and rank it higher than text sites, Digi-Me videos automatically get bumped up in the listings of relevant keyword search returns. In fact, video is 53 times more likely to appear on the first page of an Internet search than plain text listings, making your job video much more likely to be seen.

Plus, Digi-Me job videos are embedded into your ATS for fast and easy distribution throughout your sourcing strategy. This means that every site you currently source on will now contain video, and each one will be a unique thumbnail that will show up in online search results. The more sites your video shows up on, the more it drives your video’s search rankings and overall visibility, thereby improving candidate responses as well as your level of candidates.

In addition, video is more likely to be shared on social media sites than plain text job listings. In fact, the “share” function is typically one of the top four drivers of candidate applies off your videos.

Given that candidates learn and understand up to 300% more information when they watch a video compared to reading text, the answer is any type of position. What varies from job to job is how/where you use your videos. For instance, for strategic roles, we see tremendous results from posting your video in LinkedIn groups, sending it via “InMail,” and emailing to the candidates you want to reach. For volume positions, we see video’s built-in SEO playing a tremendous role in connecting you with the most relevant candidates because many of the them start their job searches on Google and other Internet search sites.

At Digi-Me, we pride ourselves on having agnostic solutions that easily integrate with your existing ATS and CRM tools. And if you don’t have an ATS, we can send candidates to an email address or assist you with a mobile-friendly light registration page for candidates.

On average, when a traditional text job posting is listed on a job board, only 2-7% of the people who view it will apply for it. With Digi-Me videos, those numbers increase 10-fold! In addition, since message comprehension improves up to 60% using video instead of text, candidates that apply through Digi-Me videos tend to be higher quality and a better fit for the role.

Digi-Me is a cloud-based platform that has been specifically designed for easy viewing, sharing, and applying on mobile phones and tablets, allowing candidates to view your job videos on any video-enabled device across the globe.

Your Digi-Me representative can send you current client examples demonstrating the powerful impact and representation of Digi-Me videos’ SEO.

We provide clients with a simple job slot model. For example, if you purchase 10 slots, you can choose to have 10 different positions in 10 different markets, 1 position in 10 different markets, or any combination in between. You will pay a one-time fee to create each unique video in your library, and then you pay a monthly hosting fee for Digi-Me to house the videos on our technology platform. It is through the hosting that you get the SEO, mobile accessibility, and global accessibility. It also gives you access to our client-friendly User Interface, which allows you to turn jobs on or off as needed, make edits to your positions and hiring markets in real-time, and view up-to-the-minute, in-depth metrics reports. You are only charged for the positions you have active each month on the platform.