Guide New Hires

Teach the ropes

Now that you’ve hired your dream candidate, it’s time to guide them into to their new role! Keep them from feeling lost with Employee Onboarding videos.

Some potential things to discuss in a video:

✔What will the first few days be like?
✔What equipment will they receive?
✔What are safety & security protocols?

Let Video Help

What makes video great for Employee Onboarding?

New employees can easily get overwhelmed during onboarding. Everything is unfamiliar. Sometimes, new colleagues and managers might not have time or skills to fully guide them into their new roles.

Creating videos will save your staff valuable time while also providing a unified, consistent message across all departments, locations, managers, etc. New employees will also greatly appreciate being able to access their onboarding videos on demand, from anywhere, whenever they need a quick reminder.

Ready to modernize your recruitment strategy?

Learn how video can supercharge your hiring and boost employee retention

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