Set Expectations

Avoid the "Black Hole"

Candidates who have recently applied for a job often feel like they are trapped in a “black hole” while they wait for feedback. Keep them engaged and informed about your company’s recruitment process with Candidate Expectations videos!

Some potential things to discuss in a video:

✔How long does it take to review an application?
✔What is your recruitment process?
✔Will you tell candidates if they are not selected for the role?

Why Video

What makes video great for Candidate Expectations?

Recent statistics suggest that 52% of candidates report not receiving any kind of communication for two months or more after applying for a job opening. Unfortunately, this is an all-too-common nuisance for a job seeker, and leaves a negative impression on your employer brand.

Job seekers will greatly appreciate an explanation of your company’s recruitment process. When you let them know what happens next, applicants will no longer feel like they’ve just been ghosted. It brings humanity back to the recruitment process. 

Ready to modernize your recruitment strategy?

Learn how video can supercharge your hiring and boost employee retention

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