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Video Solutions

Video Solutions

Video Solutions

Revolutionize your recruitment strategy

Digi-Me is the leading provider of video recruitment solutions. We can help to increase the ROI on your recruitment efforts, while lowering the overall workload for your HR team!

We have a full range of recruitment video options to suit your needs. Our experts offer completely customized solutions, perfect for targeting niche and hard to fill positions. We also have fully automated processes proven to impact campaign performance for enterprise clients and job boards that are filling roles on a large scale.

Global Reach

Hablamos Español! 我们说普通话!Wir sprechen Deutsch! On parle francais!

Our team of voice talent can help you attract candidates of all walks of life, from anywhere around the world.

Global Reach

We have worked with employers on (almost) every continent.

Patented Systems

We hold U.S. Patents on our automated video creation process, our video delivery system, and our video management & metrics dashboard.

Patented Systems

We are one of the first providers to market the use of video in job postings, and are proud to say that we are the ONLY company with patented technology behind our VideoJobs®.

Full Support

When you become a client, you are assigned a support manager who will help you use your VideoJobs® and our system to their highest potential.

Full Support​

We are here for every step of the process to help you attract and retain the best candidates for your open requisitions.

It’s Mobile

View your recruitment videos anywhere, on any device

By hosting your videos using our patented technology, you enable them to be viewed on any device, anywhere with an internet connection (Note: This excludes restricted networks with firewalls that block video). Our player has different video quality settings that adjust based on bandwidth, so waiting for a video to buffer is a thing of the past. Our player fully supports HTML 5 and is responsive on any device, with on-demand transcoding through our Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Many clients use our capabilities to their advantage and ask us to host not only the videos that we create for them, but also all of their self-generated content.

It’s Social

Share your recruitment videos to virtually any platform

The biggest advantage that our player offers is that it was built to be shared! Our metrics data show that 70% of candidates view and apply through links that are socially shared. Many of our clients have even reported their videos going viral!

Through our patented system, we provide a variety of HTML codes that allow your videos to be shared anywhere. Our player can be embedded via iframe or JavaScript where allowed. If your system prevents those codes, we offer image or text hyperlinks that point to a white-labeled landing page which hosts your videos.

It’s Trackable

Track your recruitment videos & metrics in one portal

Our patented client dashboard is the heart of our system. Here, you can duplicate your videos, customize your landing pages, manage your users and sub-accounts, or view and download detailed metrics reports.

For clients who are seeking more in-depth information, we also offer customized tracking from video view all the way to hire!

Don’t have an ATS? We can enable a brief job application form on our site. We would be happy to walk you through this process and answer any questions that you might have. 

It’s Digi-Me

Bring the Human back to Human Resources

Employer Branding

Showcase your company's values and day-to-day culture with an Employer Branding video.

Employee Engagement

Keep employees engaged with welcome videos, training videos, and regular company updates.


Turn your ordinary text job postings into dynamic, engaging, and trackable video job ads. 

Candidate Expectations

Answer common candidate questions with a detailed Candidate Expectations video. 

Employee Onboarding

Help your new hires transition into their roles with Employee Onboarding Videos.

Ready to modernize your recruitment strategy?

Learn how video can supercharge your hiring and boost employee retention