Virtual Events

Modern Solutions

Want to save time & money?

In today’s fast-paced world, companies are constantly looking for solutions that offer the biggest impact with the smallest budget. That’s why you need to host a virtual event with Digi-Me!

Hosting a virtual career fair or other event with Digi-Me is significantly less expensive (starting at only $5,500!), less hassle, and much safer than a large in-person gathering. No more hotels, suitcases, shipping booths, or lugging around boxes of flyers & business cards. It’s all virtual! 

Attendees who purchase booths can:

✔Chat real-time with unlimited job seekers
✔Access a list of all candidates in attendance
✔Showcase VideoJobs®, webinars, and more!

Ready to modernize your recruitment strategy?

Learn how video can supercharge your hiring and boost employee retention

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