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Digital recruitment technology is the key to spreading your job openings and getting your company out in front of a greater talent pool. New age digital technology, like video, can strategically help HR and recruitment professionals leverage SEO and enhance their candidate experience through social media recruiting. Digital job videos are mobile enabled with social share functionality and can track candidates through the entire hiring process. Metrics and trackable data gives you the opportunity to know exactly where to focus your recruitment efforts. Digital recruitment technology allows you to spend less time searching for top talent, recruit at a viral speed and drastically reduce your cost per hire.

With our short, customized recruitment videos spotlighting career opportunities and corporate culture, Digi-Me delivers information to job seekers in a way that is more engaging & more accessible across all media platforms and devices. Our professional-quality video solutions include the latest cloud-based tracking technology for up-to-the-minute reporting on candidate behavior as well as automatic integration into your ATS. Harness the power of video to boost SEO, improve candidate self-selection and stand out from the competition with our Digi-Me recruitment video solutions.

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Job Videos

When attracting the world’s most qualified job-seekers, utilizing diverse recruitment strategies is a must. But how is this done? Essentially, the type of digital media and the avenues used to advertise it.

Cultural Videos

Every company is defined by their culture; it exemplifies how a business interacts with its clients, vendors, and employees. In fact, employees who are happy with their company culture (and professional position), are actually 12% more productive, thanks to significantly higher engagement levels.


We believe that having unlimited access to your video campaign and content strategy is vital for successfully attracting qualified candidates. Digi-Me’s proprietary cloud-based content management system.

Career Fair

Let’s be honest; most job-seekers have neither time nor means to attend a traditional career fair. In fact, most business applications and interviews are received as a result of online recruitment media.

The Power of Online Video


Keep candidates on your career site up to 5.3x longer

Increase chance of being on first page search results by up to 53x

Reduce cost per hire by up to 56%

Increase candidate retention of your job description by up to 300%

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Our goal is to build a lasting bridge between employers and qualified candidates.
As such, Digi-Me uses the incredible power of career videos to link job-seekers searching for long-term careers with reputable employers across the country. Understanding prerequisite job qualifications, company culture, and associated benefits is much easier when absorbed through a video compared to reading traditional text. This section of the site will help you find the career fields and businesses cultures that most interest you. For individuals who are constantly on the move, e-mail notifications can be sent to your computer or mobile device whenever new career opportunities are published.

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Firms that embrace and deploy employment branded marketing strategies will result in winning the talent acquisition war for best fit, qualified candidates.
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