How VideoJob Ads Can Increase Diversity in Hiring

In the internet age, video usage online is going through the roof. Companies are increasingly turning to video to promote their products and services. But that’s not all. VideoJob ads have become increasingly popular in recent years as an effective way for companies to promote job openings and showcase their workplace culture.

Not only are VideoJob ads an excellent marketing tool for companies, but they can also play a crucial role in increasing diversity in hiring. Just look at this guide on how VideoJob ads can increase diversity in hiring.

No. 1 VideoJob Ads Can Increase Diversity in Hiring by Appealing to a Wider Range of Job Seekers

Traditional job postings often use long-form text to describe job duties and responsibilities. However, not everyone has the patience to read through an entire job description. Moreover, some job seekers may even be turned off by long blocks of text.

That is where VideoJob ads come in handy. With VideoJob ads, companies can create a more engaging and interactive experience for job seekers. Video technology lets job seekers look inside the company’s workplace culture and team dynamics. Plus, they enable you to create inclusive job descriptions. That, in turn, can be a powerful motivator for job seekers.

VideoJob ads can also appeal to a broader range of job seekers, including those who may not have responded to traditional job postings. That can include:

  • Visual learners, for example, are more inclined to watch a VideoJob than read a job description.
  • You can also reach candidates who are passive job seekers. That means that they are currently employed, but also open to new opportunities. You can capture their attention. Then, you can encourage them to apply using VideoJob ads.

No. 2 Showcase Workplace Diversity

VideoJob ads help with recruitment by showcasing a company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. Seeing people from different backgrounds and cultures working together can be a powerful motivator for job seekers from underrepresented groups. That sends the message that the company values diversity and is actively working to create an inclusive workplace.

Diversity in the workplace is critical. Companies recognize the value different perspectives and experiences can bring an organization. Thus, companies promoting and maintaining a diverse workforce enjoy many benefits. For instance, they see increased innovation, higher employee satisfaction, and improved productivity. So, by showcasing your commitment to diversity in video job ads, you can attract a more diverse pool of candidates.

No. 3 Eliminate Unconscious Bias

Another way in which VideoJob ads can increase diversity in hiring is by eliminating unconscious bias. Usually, this happens when hiring managers rely on their gut instincts to make hiring decisions. For example, they may inadvertently overlook qualified candidates from underrepresented groups.

However, VideoJob ads can help with this. Specifically, they can give job seekers an accurate picture of the company’s workplace culture and team dynamics. At the same time, they can help job seekers get a sense of the company’s values and mission. That, in turn, can help them decide whether they are a good fit.

No. 4 Increase Engagement

VideoJob ads can increase engagement with job seekers. They allow employers to showcase their brand and compellingly tell their story. By creating an engaging video job ad, you can capture the attention of job seekers and encourage them to apply.

VideoJob ads can also help you stand out from the competition, particularly in industries with a lot of talent competition. In today’s job market, talented candidates have many options, and companies must find ways to differentiate themselves. These ads can help give your business a competitive edge.

Moreover, VideoJob ads are shareable and easily shared across social media platforms. Sharing on social platforms lets you increase the visibility of the job opening and attract a wider pool of candidates. By creating a buzz around the job opening, VideoJob ads can help generate interest and excitement among job seekers. As a result, you’ll get a higher number of qualified applicants.

Using CRM to Increase Diversity in Hiring

In addition to VideoJob ads, the experts from MoversTech CRM advise you to use Customer Relationship Management tools to increase diversity in hiring. A CRM system can help you build relationships with job seekers and candidates. This helps you increase the number of diverse candidates in the hiring process.

By segmenting candidate data, you can identify candidates from underrepresented groups and tailor your outreach to those candidates. For example, you can create email campaigns with a targeted approach that speak to diverse candidates’ unique experiences and perspectives.

You can also use CRM systems to monitor diversity metrics, such as the number of diverse candidates in the pipeline, the number of candidates hired, and the diversity of the interview panel. By tracking these metrics, you can identify areas where you need to improve and measure the effectiveness of your diversity initiatives.

Another way you can use CRM is by creating customized workflows that prioritize diverse candidates. For example, you can create automatic workflows that send diverse candidates to the top of the hiring manager’s inbox. Or you can schedule interviews with diverse candidates before non-diverse candidates. That can help ensure that diverse candidates are not overlooked in the hiring process. Your recruitment professionals will be able to devote the attention they deserve.


In today’s competitive job market, companies must find innovative, technology based solutions to attract and retain top talent. As you’ve seen in this guide on how VideoJob ads can increase diversity in hiring, this is a powerful tool. It appeals to a wider range of job seekers, showcases workplace diversity, eliminates unconscious bias, and increases engagement. Furthermore, combining VideoJob ads with CRM systems can attract an even more diverse pool of candidates. That will also enable you to build stronger relationships with job seekers and create a more inclusive and diverse workplace.

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