Ways Video Job Ads Help With Recruitment

These days, typical procedures for applying to jobs tend to bore most potential employees. And when companies have to fight over the top talent in their respective industries, this can create a lot of difficulties.

Most qualified professionals apply to more than one company when looking for a job. This means that they are most likely getting more than one offer for a job. As a result, when advertising the open position, it is critical to make the position you offer and the company itself appear more appealing than a competitor.

That being said, video job ads are a great way to do this. If you’re not utilizing video in your recruitment ads, you’re missing out on a significant opportunity to reach the appropriate people. That is why today we’ll discuss ways these ads help with recruitment.

Is It Necessary to Include Video as Part of Your Recruitment Strategy?

In a nutshell, the answer is yes. This is primarily because for over two years now, video has been the most popular form of content consumed on the internet. If you want to maintain your business in the minds of consumers and employees, you need to have some form of video marketing. This includes video job ads.

In the same way, you use video to market your company’s goods and services online; you should use it to promote open positions inside your company.

We’d go as far as to say that to stay ahead of the competition in the war for talent; businesses need to develop and implement a video-based recruitment strategy. The talent competition will only intensify over the next several years as the skill shortfall we’ve seen in recent years continues to worsen. Keeping up on latest trends and best practices in recruiting is essential if you want to attract and hire the most qualified individuals.

1. Video Job Ads Can Help You Tell a Story

Storytelling has always been the core of marketing, and if you have a good story to go with the product or service you are trying to sell, you’ll have a lot more success. The same goes when marketing an open position in your company. By appealing to a person’s emotions, you can increase the likelihood that they will accept your proposal.

The use of video is a superior way to connect with and attract potential applicants. It’s real and gives them a vision of the position, which may influence their decision to apply. The great thing about storytelling with video is that you can do it on any platform. You can create a YouTube video, share it on Twitter, or you can make it a part of your Facebook ad campaign and attract their attention that way.

2. Videos Are Time Efficient

You can get a lot of information in a short amount of time using video in your job advertising. This may be the most obvious and basic benefit of using this approach. In only two minutes, you can show potential employees the following:

  • who you are as an employer
  • what it’s like to work for you
  • the type of company culture you have
  • what kind of people you’re searching for

This is why video is superior to traditional recruitment methods such as writing a wall of text and hoping that someone will read it. If nothing else, by sending a message in this manner, you will demonstrate your appreciation for the applicant’s time. 

3. Videos Are Easy to Make

In the past, due to the investment of both time and money necessary to create quality video job ads, many businesses shied away from this form of marketing. However, these days, anyone can create a video. You don’t need expensive equipment or a lot of expertise to be able to operate a camera. If you want, you can create a video with your phone. The tools necessary to make a video are now more easily available than ever before. Ultimately, you don’t have to spend a lot of money or time to create a good video job ad.

4. You Can Share Employee Opinions

You can conduct and subsequently use employee interviews to make the most of your video job ads. It’s a great way to showcase to prospective employees what others in the company are saying about working for you.

However, you should check if your staff members are trustworthy and open. Candidates want as accurate a picture as possible. Jobseekers want to know what it’s really like work for your organization.

5. Video Job Ads Can Boost the Number of Interested Candidates

A video is a powerful tool for today’s advertisers and marketers. If you use it correctly, it can be easy to reach and interact with your target audiences. Jobseekers will be more interested in and learn more about the firm via videos than from reading a list of job duties.

Our analysis of last years’ worth of job application data led us to the conclusion that businesses that include recruiting videos with their job postings get three times as many applications. Furthermore, millennials have reached 73 million, surpassing the 72 million boomers who formerly dominated the workforce.


Now that we have covered many ways video job ads help with recruitment, you can now understand how hiring through these ads can help your company grow and thrive. Recruitment marketing videos are the future of recruitment. By using them today, you can significantly boost your chances of finding the right candidates to fill any open position in your organization.

So, to stay ahead of competitors and start reaping the benefits of video job ads, start incorporating video into your recruitment strategy. If you have not started recruiting with these ads, then get started today!

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