Two Ways Videos Can Be Useful with Job Recruiting 

Ryan Doerpinghaus, Intern, Digi-Me

With so many companies and the job opportunities that come with them, finding the right person for each job takes a lot of effort, money and time. The use of normal job ads can only reach so far in finding people and it is limited in representing what the company is truly like. That is why the use of job ad videos can be helpful in spreading the job opportunity and locating the right person to fill the position. There are two ways job video ads can be beneficial. 

1. It better represents the company and the job opportunity 

Videos can present two important factors about a company: culture and values. The video can be used to present what makes the company unique, along with its mission and vision. The video would also be used to show what life in its workspace is like and how other employees view it. This way job seekers can see what the company is like and employers are more likely to get applicants who fit the role they are looking for. 

2. It reaches more people 

Videos posted online can be shared through different social media sources. This way, the ad can reach thousands, if not millions of people, and out of that population you are more likely to find the best applicants to start the interview process with. It works even better when creativity is used to make the ads more attractive to people. “According to CareerBuilder, job postings with video icons are viewed 12% more than postings without video.” With this, companies don’t have to waste so much time or money searching for candidates. 

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