How to Tell a Diverse Story With Video

Are you looking to more effectively show and tell your company culture? Using video offers more to job seekers and creates a narrative of your company. Video job ads can give job seekers a clearer view of the environment they could potentially be working in.

Diversity is very important in hiring and video can show that. It gives a stronger impression than the standard text that you see on career sites and written job ads. Job seekers are looking for diversity in your organization.

Recent research from Glassdoor shows that two-thirds of job seekers state that an important factor in considering a job offer is that the hiring company has a diverse workforce.

Employee retention is equally important, and diversity helps with retaining new hires. 57 percent of employees would like their organization to do more to increase diversity. Video shows and tells diversity.

If you’re hoping to learn how to tell a diverse story with video, continue reading for our suggestions!

Why Increase Diversity?

Workplace diversity has become a top priority for companies. According to Forbes, 57% of recruiters have strategies designed to attract a more diverse pool of candidates.

It’s been proven that diverse organizations bring in immense benefits such as higher creativity, stronger innovation, and increased market share.

Harvard Business Review discusses how diverse teams are also smarter. A heterogenous group of employees is able to process facts more objectively than a less diverse one.

When trying to attract candidates that bring more diversity to your company, remember to consider hiring an array of candidates that represent both inherent diversity such as race, gender, or age and acquired diversity which includes education, skills, and knowledge.

A combination of both kinds of diversity will create a more well-rounded company culture.

How to Increase Workplace Diversity

In order to increase workplace diversity, you’ll first need to identify your company needs.

Ask yourself if your workplace resembles surrounding communities? If not, you may want to develop a hiring strategy in order to increase diversity.

The Wall Street Journal suggests following these steps:

1. Reach out to local organizations with community connections that can help you connect with candidates.

2. Ask your employees for referrals in order to find qualified candidates in the same industry.

3. Develop an equal opportunity employment policy that follows Federal EEOC guidelines. You may consider developing a committee to help implement and develop the policy to attract more diversity to the company.

4. Emphasize details about the job that will attract a more diverse candidate pool and be culturally sensitive when describing why your company is a good place to work.

5. Provide diversity training in the workplace.

6. Devote time and effort in familiarizing new hires with the company culture, set up mentoring programs, and offer benefits such as accommodating cultural and religious holidays.

Showing and Telling a Diverse Story with Cultural and Job Ad Videos

Now that you’ve learned how to increase workplace diversity, you’ll need to be able to effectively share your story to attract more qualified candidates.

Story Coach, Lisa Kagan, discusses how to leverage your own diversity stories. She suggests telling a story that shows a time when you were able to figure out, prevent, or repair something becauseof your unique perspective and show how you helped your team become stronger, smarter, or better becauseof your unique characteristics.

Telling a true diversity story can help humanize your brand and create a connection. A short, 60-second video job ad can show and tell your story. With color, music, a captivating voiceover that gives the viewer job details, text graphics that display highlights of the job, and high-quality footage and images, the candidate gets a much clearer picture than he or she ever would by reading a paragraph of text.

An employer branding video can help you leverage your company’s diversity. It is presented to a candidate BEFORE the interview and displays your company, your culture, what you do, what your environment looks like, and what to expect. It gives a feeling and a more genuine and authentic first impression. An employer branding video will achieve just that.

Adding a video to your job posting not only can build a strong brand image in the job seekers mind, but also increase job applications by 36% and increases SEO rankings by up to 53 times. Video job ads are highly sharable making them the perfect way to attract top talent and Digi-Me is here to help.

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