Your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) Will Make or Break How You Attract Top Talent

The Importance of Your EVP to Prospective Candidates

The low unemployment rate is on the minds of staffing and recruitment professionals. So is what the talent acquisition world refers to as “the war on talent.” Who is winning the war on talent, if anyone? Top talent, or what may be referred to as the top 20%, are the best candidates and they are becoming harder to find. The majority are now considered passive job seekers.

Passive Job Seekers are Golden Eggs

A passive job seeker is a person who is not engaged in an “active” job search, but if a good career opportunity came long, would be open to learning more and possibly applying. According to LinkedIn, 3 out of 4 fully-employed members of the workforce, globally, consider themselves to be a “passive” job seeker.

Why do employers want passive candidates? They have the skill set, the talent and the work ethic to do the job which is why he or she already has a job. Also, they won’t exaggerate their qualifications or even lie about them because they don’t have to. A passive job seeker generally is qualified for the job and, for the most part, a passive job seeker is a good employee and good a good team player. Again, these are all reasons that he or she is currently employed and is a part of what makes them so desirable to recruiters.

Talent Pools are Shrinking Which is Why Your EVP Matters

It’s no secret that talent pools are shrinking and its becoming more and more of a grave concern for employers. In fact, according the Wall Street Journal, shrinking talent pools is one of the top concerns for CEOs in 2018.

Talent pools are shrinking for multiple reasons. In addition to the low unemployment rate, there is also a gap in skill set. The skills that employers need can be so niche at times, and the talent is needed so quickly, that is what forces managers and HR professionals to look for temporary staff at a higher pay rate.

Talent pools are shrinking for multiple reasons. In addition to the low unemployment rate, there is also a gap in skill set. The skills that employers need can be so niche at times, and the talent is needed so quickly, that is what forces managers and HR professionals to look for temporary staff at a higher pay rate.

When attracting top talent, including passive job seekers, you want to draw attention to what makes your company or role better, unique and special! Passive job seekers can be swayed by higher compensation, challenging roles, opportunity for advancement, training, and work life balance. These are things that will draw in the top 20% of qualified talent.

The Importance of Creating an Employee Value Proposition or EVP

As an employer, or recruitment professional, developing an intriguing and sound employee value proposition and EVP will catch the attention of a potential passive job seeker. The employee value proposition is what the employer has to offer an employee in exchange for the employee’s capabilities, skills, experience and knowledge that he or she brings with them.

An organization’s EVP is what makes the company unique. It tells what the company stands for. The employee value proposition is the reason that brand advocates / employees are motivated and proud to work for you. It could be what inspires your employees about your culture or how the organization’s vision inspires.

Features Versus Benefits: Your EVP Spells Out What’s in it for the Job Seeker

Your EVP can attract passive candidates if you can communicate it in the right way. This means first, identifying your employee value proposition. Once you identify your EVP, then you must identify with why it matters to employees. What is the real benefit of your EVP? What is the outcome for your people?

Once you identify what marketing refers to the “features” and “benefits” of your employee value proposition, then you can start finding a way to communicate this to your potential candidates. This is the fun part, how to sell your story.

Communicating Your EVP with Digital Recruitment Videos

Video job ads, cultural videos and recruitment videos can show and tell your EVP to potential candidates.

Often, job postings are text only with perhaps a company logo. The old saying goes that a picture is worth a thousand words. According to Forrester Research, “One minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.”

So, if you have identified your employee value proposition and you are ready to sell passive candidates on your story, the reason that he or she REALLY wants to be a part of your organization, what would be better? A text job posting full of responsibilities and duties or a short, engaging video that has people, places, music, text and a voice to give a true depiction of what your organization has to offer. A recruitment video will demonstrate your EVP and truly inspire a passive job seeker.

Why Use Video Job Ads to Draw Candidates to Your EVP

It’s not only that a video job ad or cultural video tells, or sells, your story better. Video is a better marketing tool than text alone. Remember that marketing is a lot like recruiting. Thus, video demands job seekers’ attention. YouTube has over a billion users. That’s almost one-third of total internet users. In 30 days, more video content is uploaded than the video content displayed on major television networks in the USA in the past 30 years. Of online marketers, 87% use video content as part of their strategy.

Video draws more “views” or “clicks.” When an initial email is launched and it includes a video, it will get a 96% increase in its click-through rate. When a video is included as part of a landing page, conversions will increase by 80% or higher.

If you are recruiting on social media, video job postings and social sharing are a match made in heaven. They just go together, likes peas and carrots. On Twitter, 82% of users watch video content. Facebook receives more than 8 billion daily views on videos on average!

Looking to attract the top 20% of talent and really pull in more passive job seekers to your career site and job postings? Video job ad and cultural videos that include a message about your employee value proposition (EVP) can help! To learn more, visit or schedule your free demo today.

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