6 Reasons Being a Job Hopper is a Good Thing

Written by Allison Sima, Director of Marketing, Digi-Me

Job searching is evolving at a much quicker pace in the past few years than it has in the past 50 years. The way we learn about new job opportunities has changed and recruitment professionals must constantly keep up with current trends so that they can be a competitor in the war on talent.

Job seekers learn about job openings from social media outlets like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Passive job seekers, or those who are not actively searching, may notice a career opportunity that looks interesting even though he or she wasn’t looking for a new job.

Even YouTube plays a role in recruitment today. Job seekers are engaged by video because a video is a tool with imagery, colors, sound and text that can tell a story about your company and its culture.

Along with the changing economy, easier access to global talent and the evolving job search techniques, the world is seeing the rise of the “job hopper.” What is a job hopper?

A job hopper is a person who is employed in one position, briefly, at a time instead of staying employed for a long period of time. A job hopper is a person who switches companies every year or two, on their own accord, instead of due to a forced termination or lay-off.

There are many critics against job hoppers and some HR professionals are not a fan of candidates with short-terms of tenure at companies. But despite the criticism, being a job hopper has its benefits and perks.

1. It’s How to Learn More and Fast

Every company has its own training programs. Imagine that a candidate gets hired and goes to a company and trains with the organization for 10 years. That long tenure employee will only learn what that company trains. Now, imagine that in the past 10 years another candidate was employed at 5 – 7 companies, all with their own training programs. Every new person and organization has different experiences and thus, has more to teach. The “job hopper” has now multiplied his or her training and development by 5 – 7 times more learning!

2. You Have Something to Compare, Including What Works

Not every organization is the same. No matter the company, there is always room for improvement. When a person works for multiple companies, there’s a chance to experience it all, the good, the bad, and the ugly. That same person has first-hand knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. It helps this person, as a professional, to develop him or herself as well as develop his or her leadership skills and gain a wide area of experience.

3. You are Brave Because You’re Not Stuck in a Comfort Zone

When a person works for a company for the long-term, the employee can possibly be set to a certain way of doing things. The same culture, policies, personalities, training and duties. When a person is agile and can move to different environments, this employee can adapt to a variety of situations and be successful. In a way, a job hopper can be unstoppable. A job hopper can pave his or her way through any situation and be an invaluable asset. That kind of personality trait is not for everyone and certainly not for the faint of heart. It’s for those who are made of something sturdy, call it Teflon or Titanium, but it is a powerful resource to have.

4. You See the Value in Diversity.

There is strength in diversity and a job hopper knows that. When people who have similar backgrounds and similar experiences work together, there is a risk of “tunnel” vision. There is only one kind of perspective. When there is a diverse group of people with different backgrounds and experiences, this is the key component for innovation and growth. Companies expand with diverse and open minds. Job hoppers gain experiences from different companies so diversity is second-nature.

5. You are Building a Bigger Network

They say it’s not what you know, but who you know. Job searches are tough at any point in a career. Job seekers can send thousands of resumes and fill out hundreds of applications and get nowhere. Referrals carry weight. One of the best methods to leverage during a job search is to have someone from your network “open a door.” Introductions are like “warm lead generation” when submitting a resume can be “cold leads.” People in a network can attest to skills, work ethic, and knowledge. Networks offer recommendations. Job hoppers meet more people and work on more teams, which is an invaluable resource when a job search is underway.

6. The Pleasure of Putting Your Job Hopper Skills to Work!

Job hoppers gain new skills and will thrive on it. It’s awesome developing new skills and learning. It’s even better when a job hopper can put his or her new skills to work! Combining years of experience, knowledge and training from multiple locations and then bringing it all together is exactly why companies should be taking a closer look at job hoppers. These are employees that can hit the ground running because he or she has done it before, multiple times. For a job hopper, the first 90 days is a breeze and will likely be enjoyed!

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