Naperville, IL – March 6, 2018 Digi-Me, a revolutionary digital recruitment firm specializing in video job ads loaded with proprietary tracking technology for the modern-day employer, announced today that it has launched a new website. While the overall website has been significantly enhanced, most notable is the dynamic updated home page along with the category pages where the video job ads are featured.

“Digi-Me’s new website reflects the revolutionary innovation that our product displays in the industry.  We are proud of this new release and look forward to continually offering the best technology for our customers and partners,” said Roger Stanton, Founder & CEO. 

The Digi-Me video job ad pages are now in a prominently larger size. The viewer has the option to choose what resolution to watch the videos. Digi-Me’s recruitment videos can be viewed in 720p HD, 360p SD, 1024p HD or 1920p HD resolution.  In addition to aesthetic changes, the company has made exciting updates to content which offers additional impact for boosting Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of the job video ads.  Digi-Me has updated their keywords, added more meaningful text to each page, updated the sitemap, updated the metadata on each page, and have been adding more frequent blog posts.

“I worked with Digi-Me while I was at my previous employer, LG Electronics, and by adding Digi-Me’s video job ads to our career site, we saw a tremendous increase in candidate traffic, which helped our team acquire top talent, especially for our tough-to-fill roles. When I began working for Crestron, I knew I wanted to work with Digi-Me again. It’s a competitive job market and with the help of Digi-Me’s recruitment videos, not only are we getting an edge over our competitors, with the back-end tracking technology, we can measure all our efforts. I would recommend to anyone looking to recruit top talent, use Digi-Me’s video job ads,” said Ruth Kliwinski, Director, Talent Acquisition for Crestron Electronics, Inc.

Digi-Me is the only company of its kind in today’s marketplace. Digi-Me is revolutionizing the talent acquisition industry with video technology that is easy to share on social media, easy to view on a mobile device and boosts SEO ranking. With Digi-Me’s proprietary patent-pending technology, the company is able to offer real-time data and metrics on where their recruitment videos are being viewed, socially shared, where applications are coming in by source, and in most cases, tracking source to hire!

Digi-Me’s offering includes video job ads, cultural insight videos, candidate expectation videos, training videos as well as onboarding videos.

Just this past fall, Digi-Me announced a new service offering, video recruitment landing pages. Digi-Me landing pages offer recruitment professionals higher SEO (Search Engine Optimization) since it is a single page with all of one company’s branded recruitment videos and it is mobile optimized, making it even easier to reduce cost per hire and target top talent. This solution is very turnkey, as it will allow easy implementation on all requisitions.

Many large organizations have adopted and use the Digi-Me solution including companies like Kelly OCG, TrueBlue, USG Corporation, LG Electronics, Ricoh USA, Prudential and Newell Brands.

Click here to view more about Digi-Me’s video solutions and how Digi-Me is saving organizations, on average, 56% on their cost per hire.

Press Contact:

Allison Sima, Interactive Marketing Manager, Digi-Me

Phone: 630-780-9454 | Email: asima@digi-me.com

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