Video Recruitment Improves Candidate Experience

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Video Recruitment Improves Candidate Experience

By Christina Young, Assistant Marketing Specialist, Digi-Me
One of the biggest challenges about living in a digital, technology-driven world is maintaining the human aspect of social interactions, especially within communication and relationship building. Think about it – How many times have you been in a restaurant and witnessed two people sitting across the table from one another on their phones instead of talking?

Recruitment faces the same challenge. While technology continues to make recruitment more efficient through automated screening, digital job postings and online applications, it can also (easily) replace the human aspect of “human resources.”

The Importance of Candidate Experience
Why does this matter? Because communication and relationship building are keys to creating a positive candidate experience. In fact, according to CareerBuilder’s 2016 Candidate Behavior Study, 45% of candidates said their biggest frustration is employers not responding to them, and 38% of candidates reported never receiving a response or any type of communication after submitting applications. This suggests that to improve candidate experience, recruiters need to improve their communication with candidates, which in turn will also improve the relationships they have with candidates.

Having an improved candidate experience will help you recruit top talent, increase the number of job applications you receive and decrease turnover costs for your organization. The key is learning how to leverage the benefits of digital technology while creating a positive candidate experience. So, how can you create an impressive candidate experience?

Create an Easy Application Process
Having a short, easy application process can encourage more candidates to apply to your open positions. According to CareerBuilder, 1 in 10 millennials would stop considering a company if they couldn’t apply to a job on their mobile device. Having a mobile-friendly career site can help make applying via mobile easy for candidates, and it can help increase your SEO, as search engines rank mobile-optimized sites higher in page rank than those that are not. Video recruitment is a tool that can be implemented to help make your job postings and applications responsive to any device and improve your SEO.

Personalize Your Recruitment Efforts
A blog by predicted that employers in 2017 would “scale personalized communication with candidates,” such as user-friendly career sites, candidate relationship software and video recruitment. With the increased use of screening software and automated emails, the modern-day recruiting process can often seem like a black hole for candidates. Because of this, incorporating personalization into the recruiting process can help create a more enjoyable candidate experience.

Be Transparent
Open communication and transparency are imperative in building any relationship. To build a great candidate experience, you need to create positive relationships with your candidates. Video recruitment can be used in multiple ways to create a transparent recruitment process.
1. Building Your Employer Brand – Cultural recruitment videos can help authenticate your organization by showing candidates what your workplace looks like and who your employees are, which is essential to developing your reputation with candidates. Recruitment video allows you to show and tell candidates your organization’s story and why they want to be a part of it!
2. Keep Candidates Informed – Keeping candidates up-to-date with the status of their application isn’t the only way to create a positive candidate experience. Recruitment video is another way to combat the black hole and let candidates know what to expect throughout your hiring process. Not only can this keep candidates from feeling like they have no personal connection after they send in their application, but it can also save time and increase productivity for recruiters.

How Digi-Me Can Help
Digi-Me’s Candidate Expectation Videos, Cultural Videos and Digital VIDEOJOBS™ are mobile-optimized and equipped with social share functions, allowing candidates to view and share them from any device. Digi-Me videos are trackable, with reports that measure the number of views and shares by each source, and they fully integrate with your ATS.

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