How to Create an Employer Branding Video

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Employer Branding Videos Attract & Engage Top Talent
By Allison Sima, Digi-Me

Talent acquisition is a tough job. It’s a fierce competition. A battle. You are looking to recruit not just any candidate, you want top talent. The best talent. You want to target a specific person for a specific role. Not only that, it is important to minimize turnover. You want great people who are a great fit and really want to be a part of your organization. You have to investigate, ask the right questions, get to know people, but what about the candidate side? What is running the applicant’s mind? An employer branding video communicates a message to your candidates in a manner unlike any other.

Why is an Employer Branding Video Valuable to Talent Acquisition Team?
Digital technology has changed the way job seekers find job opportunities, for many reasons. There are two types of job seekers. First, there is the active job seeker, the one who peruses for the latest openings on job boards, social profiles, typing in keywords on search engines, or looking directly at an organization’s Applicant Tracking System. Second, there is the passive job seeker, which are the ones recruiters work diligently to find. While they are not actively looking, the right message could sway a passive job seeker to want to learn more about an opportunity. Regardless if the candidate is active or passive, your employer brand, in addition to the job responsibilities, is what will reel in the right catch. An employer branding video is essential to sending the right message to all candidates.

An employer branding video is what you present to a candidate BEFORE the interview, about your company, your culture, what you do, what your environment looks like, and what to expect. It gives a feeling and a first impression. First impressions only present themselves once, so you want your first impression to not only be superior, but also genuine and authentic. An employer branding video will achieve just that.

Here is What to Consider When Creating an Employer Branding Video
Remember that a video tells more about a company than just words on a page. There are 4 elements to your employer branding video:

1. The visual imagery including b-roll, still images, colors, etc.
2. The text graphics which in a few short words, calls out what you want to say
3. The music which gives a “feeling” about your brand and culture
4. The voice over, in addition to the music you hear, tells a story

As the afore mentioned elements are broken down, that means that your employer branding video is appealing to 2 senses, what you see and what you hear.

A good place to start with your brand guidelines. You want to match your logo, your company font, your company colors and style in your employer branding video.

Here is How to Start Building an Employer Branding Video
First, you want to consider tracking your efforts, so you will want to find a production partner that will not only help you produce a phenomenal employer branding video for your recruitment efforts, but also track your efforts, so that you know how many views you are getting and where you are getting those views.

Once you select the right partner to help you build your employer branding video, you will want to start with the script. What do you want to say about your employer brand? Who are you as a company? What do you represent? What are your values? Once you write short employer branding video script (between 200 – 300 words), you will want to pull a few text bullet points that you want to appear in the video.

After you have decided on the words for the employer branding video, you will want to storyboard, or assemble the b-roll or images you want to accompany the voice. Next, you want to pick music that gives a feeling or style that is similar to your brand.

Lastly, once you have decided on the words, text, images and music, let the video go to work!

Leveraging Your Employer Branding Video
Employer branding video tells a unique story about your very own company. It will let a candidate know, before submitting an application, if he or she will belong. Include your video in all your recruitment efforts. Embed the video in your career site. Share the video on social media. Include the video in email communications. To show and tell your story, you need to spread your new employer branding video, and at a viral speed!

Want to learn more about best practices for an employer branding video? Reach out to Digi-Me today. We are happy to help you through the process!

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