Video Production Training 101 for Recruiters

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Video Production Training 101 for Recruiters

By Allison Sima, Interactive Marketing Manager, Digi-Me

Recruiters are ALWAYS searching for top talent. It is a never-ending battle, searching for the needle in a haystack. Not only the perfect fit, but someone for every available job opportunity that will stay and flourish. You are investigating and trying to solve a puzzle. Have you tried using video to help recruit top talent? If not, perhaps you should consider video production training 101.

Video attracts top talent better than text alone. It tells a story that text alone cannot, in only 60 seconds. Music, b-roll, images, text, and a voice over gives a much better glimpse of a position and the company culture. Candidates retain up to 60% more about a position from watching a video versus text alone. With a little video production training, you’ll have a new strategy to throw into your recruitment arsenal.

Video Production Training Step 1: Start with a Script

The first part of your video production training begins with a script. There is plenty of room for creativity. However, if you are producing a video specific for a specific job or role, here are the key elements you will need. First, a note about the type of person that would be attracted to the role. Energetic? Great leadership skills? A mathematical wiz? When you don’t know where to begin, this is a good rule of thumb.

The next part of video production training is the following formula: a little about the company, introduce the name of the role, a little about the responsibilities, a little about the qualifications, and a call to action.

While these are the basics for your video production training, other elements that can be included are benefits and pay rate.

Video Production Training Step 2: Length of the Script Determines Length of the Recruitment Video

Your word count will give you a good indication of how long the video will be, although depending on the voice talent, the length can vary. Digi-Me recommends as part of our video production training to keep the script to less than 185 words. Here is a better glimpse of a recommended formula or general guide:

For 60 second length (video production training):

● Reading slow is 100 words
● Reading regular is 150 words
● Reading fast is 200 words

Additional estimates (video production training):
● 300 words is 2 minutes
● 900 words is 5 minutes
● 1,800 words is 10 minutes

Video_CameraVideo Production Training Step 3: Content Including B-Roll and Still Images

For beginners, it is important to understand that in addition to the sound is the look. You can select colors to match your brand, but you will also be adding imagery. You should know a little about B-Roll and still images as part of your video production training. You want to add content to your video that is reflective of both your company culture and the specific role that you are hiring for. If it is a call center, you want to show people on the phone. If it is a CDL driver, you want to show truck drivers.

Diversity is VERY important in video production training. To attract better quality candidates, show and tell your diversity.

If you are new to video production training, here are some rules on content. Although every production company and video editor is different, this is what Digi-Me looks for:

Video Production Training – Video File Formats
● Mov or Mp4
● Preferably HD 1920×1080 or 1280×720
● Keep in mind: the higher resolution, the better the end product

Video Production Training – Still Image File Formats
● Jpeg, png, photoshop files
● Again, the higher resolution, the better the end product

Video Production Training Step 4: Text Graphics

Along with your B-Roll and still images you will want to add text graphics, or a few words that you really want to emphasize to appear and disappear on the screen. When adding text graphics, as part of video production training we suggest picking the most important things you want to highlight about a position. For a 60 second recruitment video, we suggest 12 bullet points in total. Most importantly, keep them short! Remember that candidates are quickly scanning your positions looking for a fit, and in most cases the text graphics will appear briefly, so try to keep them under 7 words for each text graphic when and where possible.

Video Production Training Step 5: Music

Music adds another dimension in recruitment video. It reflects your brand and the company’s culture, so you want to be selective with your music. In addition to the script and your content, in video production training, we like to educate our clients on how music is just one more way to tell your story.

For more video production training advice, Digi-Me is always available to schedule a free demo. Reach out to us today for any questions you may have!

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