5 Qualities of a Great Recruitment Video

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By Christina Young, Assistant Marketing Specialist, Digi-Me

We live in a world that continually becomes more and more digital, which is why in recent years, digital recruitment has been at the forefront of the talent acquisition industry. The more talent acquisition continues to adapt to the digital demands of today’s job seekers, the more competitive the digital recruitment landscape becomes, making it increasingly harder to stand out from the competition and beat the clutter to reach top talent.

To attract the perfect seeker to your job opening, you have to show and tell them who your organization is, what makes you unique, how they are the right fit for the job opening and why they should apply. Recruitment video is a quick, easy and affordable way to do all of those things. With a great recruitment video, your organization will be able to separate yourself from the competition and reach the perfect pool of job seekers.

So, you may be wondering, “what makes a great recruitment video?”


1. It’s Branded.

Similar to other elements of your recruitment strategy and marketing strategy, recruitment videos should be branded with your organization’s logos, colors and brand messaging. By creating a consistent brand across platforms and recruitment efforts, you increase the likelihood of your organization become top-of-mind for job seekers. This helps job seekers gain brand recognition for your organization, which helps make them more likely to click on your job posting and watch your recruitment video.
Your recruitment video should also be representative of your company culture. This can be done with the images and b-roll you select to be included in your video, as well as any type of talent you select to represent the diverse culture within your organization. You can also represent your company culture through the tone of voice used throughout your recruitment video. For example, if your organization values being fun, you may want to have an energetic-sounding video.

2. It’s Realistic.

Being realistic is another key component of a great recruitment video. As previously mentioned, recruitment video really allows you to visually show who your organization is and what you care about. While it’s important to make your organization stand out from competitors, it’s imperative that you stay true to who you are and show that to job seekers, especially as cultural fit continues to become an important value to job seekers.
Similarly, recruitment video is a great way to realistically show and tell what the job will be like day-to-day by highlighting key responsibilities and details from the text job description. You can also utilize recruitment video to explain to job seekers what your application and hiring process is like, making it an easy way to keep them in the loop on what to expect in terms of the timeframe and candidate expectations.

3. It’s Engaging.

Getting job seekers to click to learn more about your job posting is only half the battle. Keeping seekers engaged while learning about your open positions is key in getting them to apply. Recruitment videos should be short, around 60-seconds in length. By keeping the video short, you increase seekers’ likelihood to watch the video all the way through.

Your recruitment video must also be informative, which means another component of engagement is highlighting the important information about the job and your organization that job seekers really need to know within the video. Job seekers can actually retain up to 60% more by watching a video than they can by reading text alone. By making a short, yet informative recruitment video, you can engage today’s job seekers the way they want to be engaged.


4. It’s Optimized.

In the digital world, optimization is imperative to making successful content. Your recruitment videos should be mobile optimized, which will allow them to be played on any type of device a job seeker may be using. Recruitment videos should also be optimized for social media for two main reasons.
● First, social media recruiting has been on the rise in recent years with more and more job seekers utilizing social media throughout their job search to learn about current job opportunities.
● Second, having a recruitment video optimized for social media sharing can benefit organizations by allowing your video to easily be shared and spread around the internet. A study by Sprout Social found that videos are shared 12 times more than links and text posts combined, making it essential for your recruitment videos to be sharable.

Optimized content is also favored by Google’s search algorithm. In fact, video can drive up to a 157% increase in organic traffic from search engines. Therefore, having an optimized recruitment video can boost your organization’s SEO at no additional cost.


5. It’s Trackable.

A main benefit of digital recruitment versus traditional recruitment is that it’s easier to track the results of your digital recruitment efforts. A great digital recruitment video should have trackable metrics that allow you to follow a job seeker’s journey throughout your application process from viewing your video all the way through getting hired.

Trackable metrics allow you to find out where your recruitment video gains the most traction from the type of job seekers you’re looking for, allowing you to better focus your recruitment strategy. By having a more focused strategy, you’ll hopefully gain more applications from the right type of job seekers, saving you time and money. Digi-Me has found that recruitment videos can reduce organization’s cost per hire by up to 56%!

By creating recruitment videos with these 5 qualities, we believe you can take your organization’s digital recruitment strategy to the next level. Are you ready to engage job seekers with recruitment videos? Schedule a demo with Digi-Me today!

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