Why You Should Leverage Realistic VIDEOJOBS™ to Attract Better Quality Job Seekers

Video Recruitment Creation

By Christina Young, Assistant Marketing Specialist, Digi-Me

Getting your job postings in front of the job seekers can be difficult, especially in today’s employment market. According to the State of Working America, the current job-seekers ratio is 1:4, meaning there is one unemployed job seeker per every four open job postings. Now employers have to compete with one another to get their job postings noticed AND compete to get their job postings noticed by the right type of job seeker.

Think about it. You don’t want just any job seeker applying for your opening. You want job seekers with the right type of skills, experience and personality for the position. So now you’re faced with yet another challenge: how can you attract higher quality job seekers?

Scipt_WritingHow VIDEOJOBS™ Attract Better Quality Job Seekers
Standing out from competitors is essential to getting your job postings noticed by job seekers. Recruitment videos are an easy and affordable way to attract and engage job seekers in a way that text job postings never could. In fact, job seekers can retain and understand up to 60% more about your job opportunities by watching a video than reading text alone.

A job video is a short, 60-second video that highlights key details of your traditional text job posting, including the job description, benefits, company culture, and the desired skills and qualifications. VIDEOJOBS™ also allow you to optimize your digital recruitment strategy because videos can be played on any device. This means you can reach job seekers whenever, wherever they partake in their job search.

With the use of recruitment video, you can show what your organization is like in a way that text never could. By realistically portraying your job opportunities and your company culture, job seekers can better visualize themselves at your organization, as well as better determine whether or not they would be a good fit there.

Find Better Quality Talent While Reducing Your Cost Per Hire
By equipping job seekers with the ability to better determine whether the job opportunity is the right for one of them, they can then opt-in to an application process they are more likely to succeed in. This not only benefits job seekers though. On the organizational side, this increasing the quality of job seekers applying to open jobs, creating a better talent pool to select future employees from.

The combination of job seekers watching VIDEOJOBS™ can also expand your talent pool through video’s social share functionality. The Online Publishers Association found that 46% of users take some sort of action after viewing a video ad. This means that after watching a job video, job seekers are more likely to take an action, whether that be applying or sharing the job posting via social media.

Between job seeker self-selection, sharing functionality and mobile optimization, VIDEOJOBS™ allow you to save time and money by increasing employee retention rates and decreasing your hiring expenses.

Are you ready to reduce your cost per hire while attracting better quality talent? Learn how Digi-Me can help you create realistic VIDEOJOBS™ today at digi-me.com/.

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