Selecting the Right Message for Your Company Culture Videos

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Selecting the Right Message for Your Company Culture Videos

By Allison Sima, Interactive Marketing Manager, Digi-Me

Company culture videos are becoming an essential part of growing a business with top notch talent. When recruiters are searching for the best candidates, they need to tell a story. Of course, they need to have a job description that details responsibilities and qualifications. They need a write up of what is expected by an applicant of each, and every, position. But regardless of the career opportunity, company culture is paramount to a new hire’s success. Is the candidate a cultural fit for the company?

Resolving the challenge of depicting atmosphere of an organization to a passive job seeker, company culture videos show and tell a story that cannot be told through words.

A Picture in a Company Culture Videos Tells More Than a 1,000 Words

Did you know that an individual will retain and understand 60% more about your job opportunities with a video than text alone? If you want candidates to understand more about your company than just a logo or the words “fun,” “fast paced,” “well-established,” “friendly,” etc… why not show them through an image? Company culture videos can include b-roll and still images of the building, the inside office, the factory, and most importantly, the people.

Company culture videos show active and passive job seekers what to expect at your company. How does it feel? Who is there? Before they step in to your location and meet you, they know what you are about and, most likely, the company culture videos are what drove them to you.

How Do You Select the Right Message for Your Company Culture Videos?

There are various ways to go about creating company culture videos, but first and foremost, you must choose the message you want. There are so many topics, but remember to choose one that makes the most sense for your unique videos.

Ask yourself, if I am a candidate interested in a job, what would I want to see in the company culture videos that would make me think I should apply immediately. If you can answer that, you are on your way to making some fantastic company culture videos!

Here is a list of topics that make for great company culture videos:

● A history of the company
● The mission statement
● The vision statement
● Company values
● A message about diversity within the organization
● Advancement opportunities
● Training opportunities
● Benefits
● Corporate responsibility and charitable organizations
● Company & industry recognition and awards
● Short interview clips of long time employee / brand advocates

Company_CultureBreaking Your Company Culture Videos into a Series

Minimatters wrote a blog post early this year about the length of a video according to their research on YouTube. Of the top ten most popular videos on YouTube, the longest video was 9 minutes and 15 seconds while the shortest was 42 seconds. 4 minutes and 20 seconds was the average video length. Let’s apply these findings to your company culture videos.

To hold a job seekers attention, you want to keep your videos short. When you have a lot of information to give job seekers about your organization, consider a series of company culture videos. Each with a unique topic. Digi-Me recommends 2 – 3 minutes in length, so when writing a script for a voice over, try keeping it to a maximum of 300 words.

Company Culture Videos Drive Traffic to Your Job Postings

Finding the right message for your company culture videos will capture the attention of your job seekers. You need a message that is compelling and engaging. Along with selecting a message that not only gives a clear picture of your organization and what to expect while working there, while it may not be directly a sales tool, it needs to pull in candidates and drive them to a call to action. Such as checking out your career site to view your available job opportunities.

It’s not only just the message that will engage a job seeker to your career site, but the use of video technology alone will drive candidates. While you want the right message for your company culture videos, you also want to leverage them in the right way. Kissmetrics’ blog reports that visitors that watch a video stay on a website twice the amount of time and visit twice the number of pages versus websites that do not have a video. Their blog also references that, now, video appears in 70% of the top 100 search result listings.

Ready to engage candidates? What are your ideas for compelling company culture videos?

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