Video Messaging is a Better Candidate Experience

Candidate Experience
Video Messaging Explaining the Application Process is a Better Candidate Experience

We’ve all heard of the “black hole,” coined for candidates that submitted a resume and never heard back. In a competitive job market, you don’t want to leave it to chance that your candidates become another victim of the “black hole.”

The candidate that was interested in the open position you had posted, now, feels lost. This unclear understanding of the application process could also create negative feelings toward your company and brand. The way that you treat your candidates can be seen as indicative of how you conduct business.

26.4% of jobseekers have reported that they have not heard back from an employer after applying for a job opportunity. This is a big challenge for online job boards or communities and could be a reason that ghosting is on the rise for candidates and new hires. If employers don’t care enough to respond to an application, what is so harmful about no showing or not responding to recruiters?

How do you improve candidate experience easily and effectively upon receipt of an application? Well-established messaging in a video format that portrays what to expect from the moment a candidate submits an application to the moment a candidate is selected and hired, and all the steps in between, sets a candidate up for success! It will keep their interest while waiting for next steps.

Digi-Me’s candidate expectation video solution was created to save recruiters time that was previously spent notifying individual candidates of their status during the job application process. The short, customized videos help to set job candidate expectations for the hiring process, leaving them with a clear understanding of timing and next steps, as well as providing a positive experience during their interaction with a potential employer’s brand.

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