Personalizing Recruitment in an Age of Digital Transformation

Age of Personalization

Why does talent acquisition seem so hard? Even chaotic these days? Some experts say that is boils down to supply and demand. The demand outweighs the supply and that leads to recruiters needing a better strategy to attract today’s top talent.

A recent Recruiter Nation Survey from Jobvite tells the story. 800 recruiters responded to this survey. 67 percent, or more than half, believe that their biggest hurdle in hiring is the seemingly lack of skills out there and high quality candidates.

Talent pools are shrinking.

Companies are marketing their employer brand to stand out amongst their competitors, utilizing avenues like social media and their career sites to promote it. Hiring managers want to attract talent to their organization, not just have candidates respond to a one-off detailed job description.

While looking for ways to be authentic, stand out, and really grab the attention of top talent, a crucial method for reaching candidates is with personalized messaging. Job descriptions in black and white can seem very impersonal, boring, and lend itself to appear as if, this is what we want, like it or not. Versus the better option of engaging job seekers, showing and telling a story.

A better approach is a job preview that shows that while this is what you will be doing in this role, it is someplace that you will belong. You’ll like it here.

Video Job Ads Show and Tell a Story

Showing and telling your company culture with imagery, colors, music, text and more offers a job seekers more than just the job duties.

If gives he or she a feeling. Can I trust this company? Does is seem like an environment that I would like? Will I fit in with the crowd? Or will I stick out like a sore thumb?

Diversity is very important in hiring and video can show that. It gives a stronger impression than the standard legal EEOC text that you see on career sites and written job ads. Job seekers are looking for diversity in your organization.

Recent research from Glassdoor shows that 67 percent of job seekers state that an important factor in considering a job offer is that the hiring company has a diverse workforce.

Employee retention is equally important, and diversity helps with retaining new hires. 57 percent of employees would like their organization to do more to increase diversity. Video shows and tells diversity.

Grab a Camera and Sell Your Story – Yourself!

As a passionate recruitment professional, you love the company you are working for. You know it is a great place to work. You want job seekers to know that. Who better to tell the story and sell the story than YOU?!

Combining the idea of video technology and your personal touch, personalized video introductions, prior to seeing your job description, grabs attention.

It is a real person, with a real face, real voice, who is sincere and authentic who can tell more about your employer story.

Personalizing your job description with a video recording of you or your team makes a great first impression. It shows that you care.

Digi-Me’s Personalized Video Introductions to a Job Openings

It may seem very intimidating at first. Not everyone likes being on camera. It is simple, effective and easy to do. Any laptop or web cam is okay. You don’t need any fancy equipment.

You’ll want a shirt that doesn’t have distracting colors or patterns. You don’t need a corner office, but a room that is clean and again, doesn’t have any major distractions behind you.

The focus should be on you and what you want to say.

Digi-Me’s self-recording video introductions is the tool that can help you. Our user-friendly CMS is the simplest way to record your message with a “teleprompter” feature included. Add a few notes or write your script word for word.

Having a script will help with any on-camera nervousness. Your script will be right in front of you, helping you get through your recorded message.

Once you have recorded your message, Digi-Me’s client dashboard will save it and give you video codes so you can promote it right away. Instantaneously! You can share your message with a URL link or embed your video on your career site.

We also track your data and metrics, meaning that we keep track of the videos, shares and applies by source. We can tell you how many times and how often job seekers watched your video introduction.

Digi-Me video solutions are budget-friendly, and can reduce cost per hire by up to 56%. Learn more today.


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