How to Recruit During the Coronavirus Outbreak

During this time, recruiters are switching to an online interview process for candidates working from home during the coronavirus pandemic. 

As the coronavirus continues to spread, it’s time to adopt a new process to fulfill your hiring needs. Virtual recruiting is being heavily adopted by businesses, likely due to the fact most recruiting is done via phone or email. 

Lucky for you, it’s now easier to connect with candidates than ever! 

In order to keep business running as usual, here are our tips to enhance your online recruiting experience. 

Finding the Right Candidate 

You may be used to sourcing top talent from job fairs, but now you can turn to online methods to source and connect with potential candidates. 

Start by moving to virtual collaboration tools such as video conferencing apps and social media. The current most popular social media platforms are LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Make sure to tailor your message to each platform to reach your audience. 

Ready to get started recruiting on social media? 

HR Daily Advisor recommends you set up a feed for job posts and utilize social media functions to allow quick application and to draw attention to your company.

Ensure your social media team is quick to respond and encourage employees to be active on social media.

You may want to encourage candidates to interact by considering hosting online events or using paid options to advertise your posts.

Actively seek out and reach out to passive candidates.

Take advantage of data analytics tools provided by social media sites to tailor your posts and ensure your social media pages are optimized for search results.

Utilize video conferencing apps such as Skype, Zoom, and WhatsApp to switch from face-to-face meetings to online interviews. Online interviews even happen to be more convenient for potential hires as they take up less time and can be done from any location.

LinkedIn is also now offering interviewing capabilities via its Talent Hub platform which includes many new benefits. This platform allows users to interview candidates anytime, assess skills, and verify authenticity of candidates.

Interviews are even more easy to schedule now than ever by using Web-based applications where both parties can pick the most convenient date and time.

Advice for Interviewers

After you find the perfect candidate, interviewing them comes next. You may struggle with the switch to online interviews; here are 6 simple steps from CNBC to get started:

  1. Be Prepared– Offer the same formality of an in-person interview by familiarizing yourself with the candidate, job description, and keep the candidate informed
  2. Have a Strategy– Design questions that touch on the skills and attributes you’re looking for
  3. Communicate Openly– Let your candidate know they are valued by keeping them well-informed at each stage of the interview process
  4. Remove Distractions– Position yourself the same way as you would in an in-person interview
  5. Reinforce employer brand– Convey a consistent message of the company’s mission and values throughout each stage of the interview process
  6. Give the candidate time– Allow time to ensure the candidate is done with their response and account for tech issues.

In some cases, you may want to have your candidate submit a project-based assessment. This gives your candidate an opportunity to show their skills upfront and evaluate how they approach the project.

Another strategy is to opt for the assessment portion of the hiring process. Assessments may include skill-based, logic, behavior, and personality tests. The potential benefit is that you may discover more qualified candidates than you may have originally thought.

No matter what approach you take, you’ll be ahead of the curve by transitioning your hiring process to digital!

Recruiting Top Talent with Video

It can be challenging to connect with a candidate during an online interview as there is less small talk and it’s harder to pick up on non-verbal cues.

Don’t lose the human connection and opt for video!

Digi-Me’s digital video job ad recruiting method allows you to personalize recruitment during the digital age. Showing and telling your company’s story with rich media offers job seekers more than just the job responsibilities.

Adding video to a webpage increases SEO rankings by up to 53 times. Search engines, like Google, give preference to websites with video content. Videos are engaging and will help job seekers stay on your page longer while improving SEO ranking.

Videos are highly shareable for viewers reaching your site! Try implementing your videos on social media to encourage sharing and increase click-through rates.

Social media is a cost-effective method to promote a company brand. It can also be a simple way to increase sharing and build more “authentic” relationships with potential hires. According to Statista, 77 percent of U.S Americans have a social media profile with a reach of about 2.34 billion and this is only expected to grow.

Video job ads are even more relevant today than ever due to the coronavirus. Video technology can help you attract more job seekers, lower cost per hire, lower time to fill, and find top talent!

Contact Digi-Me today to learn more.

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