How Video Helps Prevent Ghosting for Recruitment Professionals

Is ghosting disrupting hiring and workforce planning for your organization?

A recent USA Today article cited what talent acquisition professionals have already been encountering. There is a rise in candidates “ghosting” recruiters and potential employers.

What is ghosting? This is a term that is used when a person will end all communication, without an explanation, very suddenly. This includes no-showing for scheduled interviews, accepting an offer but not arriving for the first day of employment, and disappearing from a current job with no notification.

Ghosting is harmful to employers, as it disrupts hiring plans and annoys talent acquisition professionals. Statistically speaking, while it is difficult to set in stone, there is an estimated 20 to 50% of employers that say an applicant and worker will no show. Business and talent acquisition experts believe that this is indicative of the low unemployment rate and competitive job market.

In some ways, it seems as if the people who are ghosting today’s employers are giving the organizations “a taste of their own medicine.” Not long ago, there was a Great Recession from 2007 to 2009. Unemployment was up 10%. At this time, many business ignored job seekers’ applications, leaving candidates in a “black hole.” They also never followed up after having conducted an interview.

Communication, Branding and Building a Relationship to Help Avoid Ghosting

Ghosting can be a tactic that a job seeker or employee may use when there is no emotional connection. There is no good reason to respond or offer an explanation for his or her ghosting actions. This can be for many reasons, including poor communication on both parts. A lack of branding, or understanding of a company culture, company mission statement, and employee value propositions can also be to blame.

To reduce or eliminate ghosting, employers should try building a “relationship” with the candidate or new hire. To build a rapport, clear, concise and genuine communication is key. Your organization needs to be authentic.

When you start advertising a new job opening, think about how to convey a message that tells your unique story. What is your company culture like? What are your beliefs? What do you stand for and what can you offer in return? What is in it for the candidate or employee? 

Video Can Bridge the Communication Gap and Can Reduce or Even Stop Ghosting

Google says that 6 out of 10 people would prefer to see an online video versus watching broadcast television. Mobile views of video have gone up 100% annually according to Insivia. 55% of people watch online video each day according to HubSpot. Wordstream reports that 59% of executives admit that they would rather see a video than read text.

While a picture may be worth a thousand words as is the old saying, one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. Insivia also posted that video viewers will retain 95% of your message while only retaining 10% when reading text verbiage.

Video Job Ads and Cultural Videos Show and Tell Your Story

Think about it, why do we binge watch Netflix Original Series or long-time running shows on network TV like Friends, The Office, or Grey’s Anatomy? It is because we find an emotional connection to the shows and the characters in it. That connection keeps us coming back and watching more and more.

A short, 60-second video job ad can show and tell your story. With color, music, a captivating voiceover that gives the viewer job details, text graphics that display highlights of the job, and high quality footage and images, the candidate gets a much clearer picture than he or she ever would by reading a paragraph of text.

An employer branding video can also overcome “ghosting.” It is presented to a candidate BEFORE the interview and displays your company, your culture, what you do, what your environment looks like, and what to expect. It gives a feeling and a first impression. First impressions only present themselves once, so you want your first impression to not only be superior, but also genuine and authentic. An employer branding video will achieve just that.

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