Challenges Faced by Recruitment Professionals

Solving Recruitment Challenges
How Video Job Ads Solve Recruitment Challenges

Among the many challenges that recruitment professionals face, three are key hurdles to overcome in today’s competitive job market. One challenge is timing. Demand outweighs supply, meaning that there is less talent available than what employers need. This means that when you do find the right candidate, don’t wait! The longer you take to get through the application process and extend an offer, the more likely you may find the person you wanted took another job offer. Recruitment professionals must act quickly and hire fast!

Second, talent acquisition is faced with the challenge of employer branding. Your competitors are not only competing with your product or solution, they are competing for the same candidate pool. Organizations must focus on their employer branding. What is different and sets your company culture apart? Beyond pay, why is your business a better place to work?

Third, recruiters need access to data and metrics on their talent acquisition efforts. How are your resources and recruitment efforts benefiting your organization? Is there room for improvement? Among the key indicators, your team should know your cost-per-hire, time-to-hire, candidate engagement (such as views and shares) as well as employee reviews and ratings (how is your culture viewed to outsiders?).

Video Job Ads Overcome Today’s Recruitment Challenges

Text job postings are old school, it’s true. Reading through a long job posting is time consuming. Imagine reading 100 of them in an active job search! Candidates often skim over the text to save time.

A 60-second video tells a better story than text alone. You know how they say that a picture is worth a thousand words? Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research says 60-seconds of video is worth 1.8 million words when it comes to swaying an audience. For recruitment professionals, video just makes sense.

Video job ads have multiple elements to them: a voice over, text graphics, music and imagery. Combine them together, it’s more than just explaining the role, but is also an inside view into the company as well. Candidates learn and retain over 60% more information with video versus text alone.

With a better understanding of the job opening and company culture, candidates can choose to opt in or opt out of the of the application process based on fit. Recruiters need to save time on screening qualified candidates, which makes better self-selection crucial. It saves time and money in talent acquisition!

Tracking Video Job Ads and Achieving Recruitment Success

With the right technology partner, you should have up-to-date data and metrics on views and applies by source, location, time of day and more. Tracking your recruitment efforts gives insight in to what works and what doesn’t when beginning an active search for the right talent. Analyzing this data is how your team can better understand the right strategy for recruiting niche roles and niche industries, globally.

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