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At the end of Q2 2016, Twitter reported over 313 million users. According to Tech Impact, 59% of all millennials, ages 18-34, have a Twitter account, and “26% of all millennials actively use Twitter.” Furthermore, 80% of millennials use Twitter on their mobile device at least once per day.

For recruiters looking to hire millennials, Twitter is an essential social recruiting tool to leverage. However, the social recruiting competition on Twitter continues to grow. According to Jobvite’s 2015 Recruiter Nation survey, 47% of organizations are already using Twitter for recruiting. Their 2016 Recruit Nation survey revealed that 22% of recruiters also use Twitter to evaluate candidates during the hiring process.

So how can you take your social recruitment strategy to the next level and recruit more effectively on Twitter?

1. Reevaluate Your Twitter Recruitment Strategy

The first step to reevaluating your social recruitment strategy is to listen to what people are saying about your company, whether in general or in terms of working there. This will help you identify what your potential candidates are looking to know about your company that they cannot find, or strategies other companies are using to engage potential candidates.

You should then form your social recruiting goals for Twitter.
– What is your call to action for candidates?
– Do you want to drive traffic to your career site?
– Are you looking to increase conversions to job-specific links?
Defining your social recruiting goals will help you better focus your recruitment strategy and determine what Twitter tactics you’ll need to use. Goals also help determine how you are going to measure the success of your campaign.

2. Update Your Twitter Profile

Your Twitter profile plays a key role in the types of people you will attract. A blog article by Jobvite states that “a poorly worded and low-value Twitter profile will often convert fewer than 1% of visitors.” Simple changes like expressing your company’s values and missions in your Twitter Bio, or incorporating industry-relevant hashtags can take your profile to the next level. Don’t forget to include a compelling call to action in your Twitter Bio – give people a reason for why they should follow you!

3. Engage

No matter what the goal of your Twitter recruitment strategy, you should be trying to personify your brand through Twitter by engaging with your potential candidates through conversation. Even if they aren’t directly engaging with your Twitter profile (yet), monitoring for certain words, hashtags or articles can help you identify possible potential candidates to engage with. By simply sending them a Tweet that thanks them for the share or asking them a question will help drive them to your page and convert them into a Follower.

In addition to building relationships through conversation, you should be updating your Twitter anywhere from 1-3 times a day. Posting compelling, relevant content will help draw people to your account. While you can increase the visibility of your Tweets through organic (hashtags, retweets) or paid (Twitter Ads) means, engaging posts like video can attract Followers and potential candidates. In fact, Twitter reports that native video drives more engagement than third party players, including 2.5x more replies, 2.8x more retweets and 1.9x more favorites.

Digi-Me’s digital video solutions are one way to create and share short, compelling content that will boost your social recruitment strategy. Digital Job Postings and Cultural Insights videos can gain the attention of your ideal candidates while telling them all the relevant information about your position or company. Our professional-quality video solutions and social share functions allow candidates to view, apply and share jobs directly from any device.

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