How to Leverage Retargeting to Attract Potential Job Seekers

Written by Alex Roland, Marketing Intern

Using basic marketing principles has been a long-standing practice for recruiters. When trying to find qualified candidates for a job no marketing tool is off limits. We see recruiters using radio, newspaper, internet, and occasionally TV to advertise their jobs. For recruiters, it is important to know what marketing techniques are working well at all times. By knowing these marketing techniques, recruiters can make sure they are spending their time and money in the best way possible.


One current internet marketing technique that advertisers are heavily relying on is called retargeting. Retargeting is the practice of advertising your company to people who have already looked through your site. Marketers use this technique because it is very effective at bringing back people who have previously visited your website. Since marketers are only targeting people who have previously visited their site they are spending less money advertising to them. Retargeting also gives marketers a higher conversion rate. This is due to the fact that these people have already shown an interest in the companies site and will likely return as well as be more likely to make a purchase than those who have not shown interest.

Retargeting in Recruiting

Like many other marketing techniques, retargeting can also be applied to your recruiting tactics. When job seekers are searching for jobs online they are being overwhelmed with posts from company after company. After a while the job seeking fatigue sets in. Instead of fully applying the job seekers are simply scanning through the posts looking for something they might apply for later. Unfortunately for many companies, these job seekers do not return. After applying so many times, job seekers will often stop applying and wait to see what happens with the ones they have already applied for. If your company and your job post was one of those the job seeker saw but didn’t apply for, then there is the potential that they will forget about your post.

This is why retargeting can be incredibly useful in recruiting. Since retargeting allows you to advertise to candidates who have previously seen your job post or website, you can bring them back to actually finish applying. Instead of moving on in their job search and forgetting about you, they will be reminded about the job and will be more likely to apply.

Retargeting may sound a little complex, but it is actually very simple to implement. To retarget those who view your site, all you need to do is add code to your site to track who views and leaves. You can then display ads to them on other sites that they visit. The line of code that does this is usually quite small. You can take this quite far if you wish by creating more specific ads that will be displayed for certain jobs and specific people who viewed that job. If you wanted you could even have an ad that says “come back and apply!” The potential for creativity is endless and it is a fun and fairly simple way to engage with job seekers who have already shown interest in your site.

Retargeting Mistakes

While retargeting can be a great way to bring back job seekers, there are also a few things that you should avoid when using this recruiting technique. When going the retargeting route, it is best to limit the number of impressions that you serve to people. You do not want to overwhelm them, but you don’t want them to miss the ad. After some experimenting you should find a good balance that is between the two. You also do not want to violate any privacy agreements that you or other sites may have. You do not want to retarget someone if you have a privacy policy that states their website usage will not be used for marketing purposes. So just tread carefully when implementing a retargeting campaign and make sure everything is up to date and no agreements are being violated.

Bringing Job Seekers Back to Your Site to View a Video Job Ad

Video job ads are the wave of the future. Text job postings are boring and long text is daunting during an intensive job search. Candidates are attracted to a short, 60-second video. Job seekers click play, engaging with your job posting seeing colors, moving text, images/b-roll of what the culture is like, what the job responsibilities look like and hearing music that gives them a vibe about your organization and brand. Between retargeting and video job ads, you are bound to get more applications from quality candidates at a lower cost.

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