Mobile-Friendly Job Ads are a Must When There is a War on Talent

Written by Alex Roland, Marketing Intern

With a seemingly ever decreasing number of potential candidates available, it becomes extremely important to find new and innovative ways to reach talent pools. The entire hiring process has continued to evolve as businesses and technology has advanced. Email changed how we communicated with potential candidates, the internet made it easier to reach people, and in-home printing made it simple for candidates to make resume copies. One area that recruiting has been a little slow to adapt is mobile.

When looking at job sites and job boards today on your phone, you can clearly see that many, if not most, are struggling to make job ads that are friendly to mobile devices. The ads that you see on your phone usually cut off half the text, show everything in some weird mixed up order that is nearly impossible to follow, or they simply don’t load most of the job post content. This is a very bad decision by recruiters as using mobile-enabled job ads to reach potential candidates is more important than ever.

With the unemployment rate so low, the amount of competition for candidates is increasing. This means that whoever can reach potential candidates more often and at all times of day will have the upper hand in recruiting. This is why mobile is so important to recruiters. We essentially live our life through our phone, so why wouldn’t we also search for our next job on our phone? Mobile job ads allow us to reach candidates whenever they are on their phone, which is at all times of day and in any location. The important part to remember is that just because your job can be found on a mobile device doesn’t mean that it can actually be read on one.

As previously mentioned, the way that some job postings look on mobile devices make them nearly impossible to read. Not only is it difficult for applicants to view the job ads on mobile sites that don’t work, but it is even harder to apply for jobs on mobile devices, let alone find your website. Job applicants often have to look through your job posting to find your company name and who you are, and then they must spend time searching for you online to figure out what your company is all about.

This is why it is important for job postings to be easy to read on mobile devices to a point where the candidate can easily find out any information they want before applying with your company. Another component of mobile job ads is that they should be shareable. With how large of a role social media plays in our life, job ads should be shareable to a point where you can post them on nearly any social media site and share them with as many people as possible. This helps maximize your reach and find as many qualified candidates as possible.

One problem with the current state of online job ads is that they are a nightmare to post on social media sites. When posted, people may only see a suspicious link that makes no sense, or worse yet a link that doesn’t even work. Making job ads that not only look great on mobile devices but are shareable with others via social media is a must for any mobile job ad.

One possible solution to the struggle of trying to make job ads compatible with mobile devices is to go the video job ad route. Video job ads present a unique solution to the problem of job ads looking good on mobile devices. With video job ads, you not only have the ability to do what old text ads could do, but you have the added benefit of being able to show off your company culture, environment, and get really creative all with a format that can easily be shared and viewed on social media sites and on mobile devices.

Not only are video job ads easier to view and share on mobile devices but they can also reduce your cost per hire by 56% while increasing the amount of info that applicants retain from the job posting itself by 300%. So, if you are looking for a great way to post job ads that are friendly to mobile devices and can be shared across nearly any platform, then video job ads might be the way to go.

The bottom line is that society is advancing at a pace that is difficult to keep up with. The way we conduct business has changed dramatically within the last few years and the way we hire and look for potential candidates has changed just as much. As a business, if we do not stay on top of what changes are occurring in the environment around us, then we will be left behind. When we are at a point like we are today where unemployment is low and the ability to find good quality candidates is difficult, you cannot afford to be using strategies from years past, you must implement new recruiting techniques or risk falling behind.

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