How Video Job Ads Boost SEO Rankings

How Video Job Ads Boost SEO Rankings

In the war for talent, companies are doing everything possible to gain an edge when it comes to recruiting. While the “wild west” like days of online advertising are pretty much over, there is no denying that the internet is an extremely competitive place to advertise jobs. There is also no denying that the internet is no longer an optional, but necessary, platform to advertise your jobs. Every recruiter out there is doing everything they can to maximize their SEO rankings and get their jobs in front of as many potential candidates as possible. With that in mind, how can one possibly ever gain an edge when it comes to online and social recruiting? The answer to that is by utilizing video job ads.

There are countless factors that are at play when it comes to boosting SEO rankings. Fortunately, just by using video, you gain a leg up on the competition! Google currently gives preference to sites that contain video content. What this means for you and your talent acquisition quest is that just by having video job ads instead of text, you will be given preference over the text advertisements out there. While everyone else is fighting for written SEO space, you can utilize video and know that just by doing so, you have moved ahead of the competition.

Video can also help improve one of the most important metrics when it comes to online and social recruiting. This metric would be the bounce rate. The bounce rate is simply the amount of people who view your page and then leave without doing anything else. In recruiting, the last thing you want is tons of people viewing your ad and then leaving without applying, which is why the bounce rate is such an important metric when we are facing this war for talent.

Written content in general is just not very engaging, especially for younger job seekers out there. Since video is much more engaging, it tends to keep the individual who is watching engaged longer, resulting in lower bounce rates. So long as the video is clear and gets the message across efficiently you can expect video job ads to reduce the bounce rate for your job advertisements.

Another way that video job ads can help boost your SEO rankings more-so than regular job postings is that video is a highly shareable form of content. When is the last time you saw someone on Facebook share a regular job posting advertisement with their friends? When people share your video through Twitter or Facebook or some other social media platform, it creates more backlinks to your site that are of a good quality. The more that this occurs, the stronger your site becomes in terms of SEO strength, which will help boost the rankings of not just your job post but your entire site as a whole.

One aspect of video job ads to be aware of is that quality still matters. As with written content, the quality of the content itself will have a large impact on the SEO rankings. If your videos are bad quality, you will get bad results. If the videos are of high quality, you will get good results. The same rule still applies, the only difference is that if you use video the right way and have high quality videos to promote, you will stand a much greater chance of boosting your SEO rankings more so than you would with written content.

When looking at where we are today with talent acquisition, it is important to find every possible way to gain an edge on other recruiters and make your jobs stand out. Since the internet is where most people will find their next job, it is important to make sure you are taking full advantage of every opportunity that the internet provides you. Video job ads are one of those opportunities and can significantly help boost the SEO rankings for your job postings.

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