5 Simple Ways to Automate Your Digital Recruitment Strategy

Recruiting is a tough job no matter what industry trends are on the rise. It will always take a “human touch” to locate, evaluate and hire a “human worker.” That doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to make technology work for you. Simplify things!

HR technology and digital transformation are within your grasp to make you more efficient if you choose the right solution.

Automate your recruitment strategy. Here are few tips.



1. Pre-Screen Questionnaires

Cutting to the chase can be one way to narrow your search. If you have twenty candidates to screen, instead of asking them all the same list of questions and scheduling out long conversations, send a form with a few pre-screen questions.

There are likely a few questions that you need to ask to qualify someone on the spot. Ask your questions before you hop on the phone, as you may find it wouldn’t be a good match before you chat. This will help you focus your time, even spend more time talking with the candidates that are best aligned for the opportunity.


2. Pre-Recorded Interview Details

If there is information that you go over with each and every candidate, such as a background on the company, details of the job description, benefits, etc., send a pre-recorded video ahead of the time you speak.

This can also lessen the time you spend talking. Instead of explaining the same details over and over, you can ask, “Based on the video you previewed, what questions do you have about the details that were shared with you?”


Waiting for interview

3. Calendar Scheduling Assistant or AI 

When you email applicants to set up interviews, include a link where the candidates can set up some time to talk with you versus going back and forth with times and dates via email or text.

Manually sending calendar invites isn’t necessary when you can automate.

Free tools like Calendly will let candidates know your schedule and self-select the best time, along with auto-generating an email to confirm the appointment.


4. Automated VideoJobs

Text job descriptions are outdated. Attention spans have shortened, and digital information overload has taken over. Job seekers need simple, short, easy to digest ways of learning about your company and job openings.

VideoJobs are short, compelling video job ads that can be created in less than 48 hours. They convey your opportunities with imagery, text graphics, music and a voice over, engaging more than just your eyes, but your ears and your heart.

A great tool to use to create your VideoJob is Digi-Mate. All you need is your text job description and a logo to create a VideoJob, that’s all!


Virtual Career Fair

5. Virtual Career Fairs

Scheduling back-to-back meetings with candidates over weeks can be exhausting. No shows and late attendees can be frustrating.

Virtual Career Fairs can eliminate these frustrations. This gives you the ability to meet with applicants, pre-screen resumes, chat with text and chat with video, all on one day. You can narrow down Round One candidates in a half a day, so you can move on to Round Two.

Virtual Career Fairs are designed to help you and your organization reduce days to hire.

If you are looking for innovative ways to transform and automate your digital recruitment strategy, Digi-Me is here to help. Reach out today and schedule a brief demo.



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