Staggering Talent Pools for 2021 Means Leveraging Digital Technology to Efficiently Recruit

Big Talent Waves

The world has changed since the pandemic started at the beginning of 2020 and has impacted every business and industry in one way or another. Some industries are growing and ramping up quickly to accommodate for their hiring needs.

If you are hiring for remote positions, you are likely finding that applications are now coming in at overwhelming numbers. With remote work quickly becoming a new norm, that means that it is not just local talent competing for job openings. Out-of-state applications are increasing, making up almost 1 in 4 application according to a recent iCIMS statistic.

Other industries that are in need of talent to join the organization and work on-site are finding it a struggle to obtain applications, such as the manufacturing industry. With the pandemic, some companies find that it is much easier to find talent to work remotely than in-person.

Locating the Right Talent with Enormous Talent Pools

If you are hiring remotely and wanting to find a “needle in a haystack” of applications, how do you do a better job of targeting that candidate with the niche skillset needed for the job, while also attracting a diverse talent pool?

That’s when leveraging digital technology can help. Companies are learning how to work virtually, and virtual technology is what you need to succeed in recruiting top talent.

Leveraging Video Technology to Navigate Overwhelming Talent Pools

One way to attract the right talent is with a short, compelling video. Long text job descriptions can be overlooked by job seekers. They may be searching through a lot of job postings and only skimming the text. This means there may be important aspects to the job that they are missing.

One minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. That means that a job seeker can understand and retain more in watching one minute of video than reading text alone. With music and imagery, not only do they hear a voice and read text bullet points about the responsibilities and qualifications, but they also get a sense and a feeling of your company culture and brand.

With a more efficient means of advertising your message, candidates can self-select better, opting in or out of the application process with a better understanding of the role.

For on-site job openings where candidates need to work on-site but may be reluctant, showcasing the role in a compelling video job ad is a way to “show and tell” your story about the safety measures you are taking to keep employees healthy and safe.

Virtual Career Fairs Can Bring Large Talent Pools to One Time and Location

With remote working options increasing and long-distance commutes becoming less of a burden or hurdle to overcome, you may be interviewing virtually more today than in the past with candidates farther away. Maybe even global! You may want to find alternative methods for virtual ways to begin the first step of the interview process.

Virtual Career Fairs are a great way to attract candidates for the first step of the interview process. With recruiters online to chat, you can communicate with large groups of talent all in one day. Based on your chats (both text and video chats) and the resumes you collect, you can take that one day to narrow down selections, creating an easier path to move along to the second step of the interview process.

Narrowing Down Large Talent Pools is Easy with Digi-Me

Digi-Me’s patented technology helps you track results with data and metrics with our video job ads that can be produced in 48 hours or less. Digi-Me’s Virtual Career Fairs can work alongside your video job ads, creating a day to host conversations with large groups of candidates. Virtual Career Fairs also offer reports on registrations, visitors, and more with unlimited chat! Contact us today to learn more.

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