Why Video Job Ads Can Combat The Global Talent Shortage

The talent shortage that we are currently facing has been difficult for companies across the globe. Unfortunately for many industries, this talent shortage has no real end in sight. A recent study indicates that by 2030 there will be worker shortage of 85 million across the globe. This is a terrifying estimation for most companies as many had hoped this talent shortage would slow down as more millennials began to enter the workforce. This has not been the case though as millennials are not taking the same jobs that the baby boomers held. Millennials entering the workforce and baby boomers retiring is the main reason for this increasing labor shortage. This unique challenge means that global recruitment tactics will be key for companies trying to win talent in this global shortage.

One great tactic for global recruiting that can be used to combat this talent shortage is the rise of video job ads. This talent shortage is not country or industry specific. This means that we need a tool that can be utilized no matter what the language or industry. That is where video job ads come in. Video is something that can be tailored to any industry and any language. Video job ads transcend problems associated with other recruiting tactics due to its universality. While universality is a great thing for global recruiting, there are several other reasons why video job ads are a great tool for global recruitment.

One other reason that video job ads are great for global recruitment is that across the globe the “millennial” generation is entering the workforce. This generation consumes video content far more often than the generation before them. Not only are the millennials entering the workforce, but generation Z is not far behind. If the previously mentioned numbers are correct, by 2030 gen Z will be entering the workforce by then as well. Generation Z consumes even more video content than millennials do.

Online video content has become the primary source of information for the younger generations just now entering, and who will enter the workforce. These generations are also not as likely to just take any job thrown their way. This means that competition for these workers will be highly competitive and you must use every tool possible to attract younger talent. Video job ads will play right to their higher consumption of video and will stand out to them more so than text job postings.

Another reason that video job ads are great for recruiting millennial and gen Z workers is that video allows you to show off a company and its culture in a way that text job postings cannot. These younger workers care more about the culture and environment of a company more so than previous generations did. This means that showing what your work environment looks like is something you need to do with these possible workers. They want to see if you hold the same values that they do. This is why video is such a great tool across the globe. It can easily show what the environment is and you can even have employees discuss it on camera for you. Instead of having people come in and see your culture and not like it, those who don’t like what they see in the video won’t apply. This will save valuable time for you while also attracting more candidates to your openings. Potential job seekers will opt out of the application process based on fit, so recruitment professionals receive better qualified talent.

The bottom line is that this talent shortage is not ending anytime soon, and the main cause of this shortage is the fact that boomers are retiring, and millennials are entering the workforce. With the universality of video job ads along with their ability to show off details that text jobs cannot, they are one of the best tools to combat the talent shortage globally.

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