Video and Job advertising go together like PB&J

Over the years, the way we do business has changed rapidly. No longer is business a slow pace where small changes are made over time. Everything moves rapidly, and major changes happen nearly every year. Oddly enough, one area of business that has not evolved a whole lot in the last few years is recruiting. Once recruiting sites became popular and online job postings grew, it seems like progress in this area has slowed. There is a new change happening in recruiting where companies are now using video to advertise their jobs instead of simple text ads. Considering how popular online video has been the last few years, it seems odd that this is only catching on now. But once you start to look at the statistics and benefits of video job ads, you see that this is the perfect combination.

Video is becoming the medium of choice for consuming information online. By 2020 it is estimated that 82% of all internet traffic will be video content. This just goes to show how big online video has become. But online video has evolved greatly over the last few years. It is not simply for funny videos of cats anymore. Online video has become a tool for professionals created by professionals. Video job advertisements are becoming more popular due to this as well as their effectiveness. Compared to old text job advertisements, candidates will retain information from the video job ad 300% more than text posts, and video can reduce your cost per hire by 56%. Not only are they better for hiring and attracting candidates but Google also gives video content a higher SEO ranking, meaning your job postings will be seen by more people. These stats alone can be enough to convince most people that video job advertisements are the way to go, but how do you go about coming up with video job advertisements?

Something to keep in mind when creating a video job ad is that it is still an advertisement. Just because this is for a job, doesn’t change the fact that this is advertising. This means you should take advantage of what video allows for advertising. While you will obviously need to state the job description, requirements, and pay, you can show even more with video. One great use of video is to show off some clips of your office where people will be working. This will help give potential applicants a preview of what life might be like working for you, so they can see if it is a place where they can see themselves. Video also allows you to show of your company culture and environment. The culture of a company is growing in importance to young job seekers and video allows you to showcase it in a way that you never could before.

As stated before, this is still an advertisement, so don’t be afraid to sell your job like you would sell a product. This draws off previously mentioned tips. Showing off your office and culture are a great way to “sell” your job to prospective candidates. But video also allows you to talk and disclose achievements that your company may have. Do not be afraid to brag a little bit in your job advertisement. Letting candidates know what your company has achieved will go a long way in selling a job to them.

There are of course some things that you should avoid when engaging in video job advertising. One major rule is that quality still matters. Just because it is a video and contains a lot of what was mentioned here does not automatically make for a good video. The quality will make or break your ad campaign and determine whether anyone applies for the job. This will also help with SEO as poor-quality video content will not receive very high rankings. Like with any form of advertising quality is a major element that will determine success.

Another factor to remember when making a video job ad is time. Time is a tricky thing in video but at the end of the day you just want balance. You don’t want an ad that is so short the viewer doesn’t feel like they learned anything, but you don’t want it too long to the point that they just lose interest and stop watching. We find that 60-seconds is perfect for a video job ad.

Overall, using video to advertise jobs is a great idea. Not only is video more effective at attracting top talent, but it is also the way that the future of job advertising is going. If you want to try video job advertisements, keep some of these tips in mind.

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