Shaping the Future with Millennials

Two college women in a coffee shop looking for jobs by searching video job descriptions.

Written By: Ryan Merritt

Millennial can often times face a frustrating job search, most job descriptions require 2-10 years of experience. Now don’t get me wrong, experience is very important and highly respected in the workforce, however there are quite a few benefits to hiring a recent graduate. College students just spent the last few years of their lives priming themselves to become the ultimate business investment.

Recent graduates help in lots of different ways. Millennials bring some unique things to the workforce that have never been brought before. If you search through the web you’ll find lots of articles and studies published explaining trends in hiring millennials, or even tips to drawing them in. But the truth is, the millennials can be simple bunch to recruit.

Why give a millennial their career start:


First, millennial’s bring passion to your organization. This passion is probably the greatest gift for an organization. A recent graduate loves to do something, just like most people, however like no generation before, this love not only influences their personal life, but helps motivate their professional decisions. For example, a recent graduate that loves baseball and has a degree in accounting has been offered two jobs. One with a firm that might pay better with slightly better benefits and another with the local minor league baseball team’s front office. Both are great starting positions for a recent graduate. However, I will say nine out-of ten times, they accept the baseball team offer for their passion. Millennials are caring less about how much they make and more about enjoying work. This is very important to building your organization’s story and exploring opportunities beyond the standard work environment.

A New Perspective

Recent graduates bring fresh eyes to your business. Millennials bring a whole new atmosphere to a work environment. They help make work more enjoyable for everyone. A business that has been operating within the same conditions for years could use a new look. Perhaps the product or services are fine, but the steps to get it out into the market are outdated. The world is changing and recent grads see those changes. The past few years of their lives have allowed them to open their mind and think differently. Not only are there more ideas flowing but they have seen all of the success and failure from other companies in their studies. Helping to make decisions based on current needs and market trends. You could be hiring a graduate that has the passion and a fresh mind to bring new ideas or the start of an idea to your company.


The last and probably most important benefit is that millennials want to learn. Recent graduates are scared of the outside world. They may be nervous but are more than ready to succeed. Take the time to interview a few that have some desired basic skills and show success in the classroom. Now realize that they have only been in a classroom setting for the past few years and may have some office experience as an intern. But this is their first time learning the real business environment. They are anxious and excited to learn. That is by far the greatest benefit to any employer. Everything that is taught to them is soaked up like a sponge. Allowing employers to mold their new sponges to become a vital asset to their company. The millennials’ desire, passion, creativity and sponge like mind makes them perfect to be whatever role you want. Training them for just a week on how the previous person would accomplish their tasks will allow a millennial a starting ground to learn the proper procedures. Over time they will become more productive, create more opportunities, get involved in various projects and ultimately increase business.

Digi-Me offers tools to attract great talent including the best recent graduates. Millennials are the online generation. Social media and mobile are growing HR trends because millennials are becoming the future of the workforce. Our tools and services offer employment branding opportunities throughout these channels in the forms of job, cultural and candidate expectation videos. Creating ready-to-go social media and mobile content is our specialty and creating a successful business can be yours, if you’re ready.

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