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As a candidate, creating a personal brand is one of the easiest ways to help set you apart from the rest. Your personal brand is how you want others to feel about you and see you. Having a personal brand can help you better market yourself to future employers by allowing you to focused, well-developed package of who you are and how you want to represent yourself.

Your personal brand should be reflected through all of your professional mediums including but not limited to your resume, blog, social media accounts and LinkedIn profile. Since highlighting your personal brand online typically requires you to do some sharing, video is a perfect tool to utilize when strengthening your brand because video is 12x more likely to be shared than text.

Typically, a huge goal of your personal brand should be to appear high up in a Google search, making it easier for recruiters and prospective employers to find you. Video will also increase the probability of appearing on the first page of a Google search by 53x more than text alone. Video also increases people’s understanding of your personal brand, which will increase their likelihood to recall your brand, too.

Need some help coming up with ways to incorporate video in your personal branding? Forbes has come up with a list on how to use video for vibrant personal branding. The first way is to create a video bio, which is a 2-to-3-minute video about your personal brand. Using video bio is more powerful than a traditional bio because it allows you to deliver a 3D message, creating a humanized connection between you and your viewers.

Although your video bio is not a video resume, you may also want to consider filming a video resume as part of your personal brand. Video resumes are refreshing to recruiters who receive stacks of paper resumes. They are also more convenient because they can be accessed anytime, anywhere, and as mentioned earlier, a video resume is more likely to be remembered and recalled by a recruiter than a text.

Another way to incorporate video into your personal brand is by creating a though-leadership video. This will likely benefit you in your job search because it helps you highlight your knowledge and expertise on the topic of your choice. Creating a video allows you to make a more compelling and informative case to demonstrate your thought-leadership because you can speak while integrating visuals into your video.

Video can easily be integrated into your personal brand in numerous ways, allowing you to showcase yourself in a memorable way. Read more about how to incorporated video into your personal brand here:


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