What to Look for in Job Video Recruitment Agencies

Written by Allison Sima

Businesses are taking note of the power of video. Monthly, businesses are publishing 18 videos per month on average. Of videos published by businesses in the past year, 56% are less than 2 minutes in length. Videos are known to be an engaging tool. Reports say that business videos, on average, retail 37% of people who watch them to very end of their video. With power of video taking off, HR professionals and recruiters are looking more and more toward job video recruitment agencies. Recruiters and HR professionals need video job ads in their job postings to compete in the market today.

The use of video job ads and recruitment videos will only increase in the next few years. According to HubSpot, it is expected that in 2019, video will take over 80% of all web traffic. Job video recruitment agencies also drive better results, because they use marketing tactics. When a video is added to a marketing email, it can increase click-throughs by 200-300%. There is an 80% conversion increase by embedding a video on a landing page.

Job Video Recruitment Agencies Must Understand the Job Market

Recruiting is very different today. Job seekers are digital creatures constantly going somewhere with a mobile device in hand. Sometimes they are actively seeking jobs and sometimes they are passively seeking jobs. Job video recruitment agencies must have the knowledge to be able to reach both. By definition:

Active job seeker: a potential candidate is actively searching for a new employment opportunity and who is actively applying for jobs.

Passive job seeker: A potential candidate that is not actively looking for a new employer and not actively applying for job openings, but is open and willing to learn about a new career.

Job Video Recruitment Agencies Should Have Experience

As when researching any vendor, you want to know if the company you are working with has experience. More specifically, successful experience. Are there case studies from current clients? Who are the agency’s current clients? Can they give you a reference? Good job video recruitment agencies have testimonials to give. When recruiters leverage digital video job ads from a video recruitment firm, they attain better results with better candidates.

When looking at the testimonials and case studies or when talking with references, you will want some facts. Check which job video recruitment agencies have stories to tell regarding increasing the views on job posting or how they were able to locate better quality candidates, faster. Another important fact to look for is if the job video recruitment agencies have lowered their cost per hire.

It is Doug Conant, CEO of Campbell’s Soup who said, “To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace.” Job video recruitment agencies with experience have a track record of helping their clients win the workplace with match-making job video recruitment services that draw in top winning talent.

Job Video Recruitment Agencies Should Be Creative

While recruiting is not openly spoken about as an art form, it does take a little flair to get the job done right. It is not black and white. You have to use your intuition and your gut. Where is the best place to reach the audience of candidates I want? What does the candidate want to hear? When I do get applications, who is the right fit? And why? Why is this particular person qualified for the job and why would they stick and not leave right away? Job video recruitment agencies ask these questions and turn them into a video job ad that will attract top talent.

A 60-second video job ad tells a story about job openings and your company culture. Job video recruitment agencies are creative businesses that can illustrate the message to your potential candidate pool. Through music, graphics, pictures, colors, and a person speaking, the video is intended to capture the attention of not just top talent, but the right talent.

“Culture is about performance, and making people feel good about how they contribute to the whole,” said Tracy Streckenbach, President and Chief Operating Officer of Innovative Global Brands. Job video recruitment agencies create videos that make potential talent feel good about how he or she can contribute to your organization at a high level.

Video Recruitment Agencies Should Possess Digital Technology

Job video recruitment agencies offer a product that is easy and fun to share. Even if the job isn’t for the person who viewed it, with just a click of a button, the video can be shared across a person’s network. At no additional cost, your job video is going viral. According to Digi-Me, the best performing company for job video recruitment agencies globally, 72% of Digi-Me’s digital job video ad traffic comes from social shares and 60% of applicants come from social shares.

How can job video recruitment agencies tell where you are getting the best traction? Whether by social media, job boards, direct to your ATS, or otherwise? From digital technology that tracks, in real-time, when and where you are getting your views and applies. It is this necessary insight that leads to your reduction in cost per hire. When you know where you are getting the most traction it helps your recruitment team know how to devote time, resources, and his or her workday.

For instance, if you posted a video job ad on multiple sites that was produced from one of the job video recruitment agencies that was recommended to you by fellow members of an industry association, like the American Staffing Association, and your video recruitment agency partner gave you a report that showed most of your views and applies were coming from Twitter, what would you do? Spend more time recruiting on Twitter and researching hashtags?

That’s the beauty of digital technology and job video recruitment agencies with data and metrics in real-time. Looking to reduce your cost per hire? Contact Digi-Me today to learn more about video job ad recruitment solutions that save money and get you better quality candidates, faster!

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