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Digi-Me, a digital recruitment technology company specializing in cloud-based, job-specific and employment branding video solutions, announced the launch of its new Candidate Expectations Video Format. In an effort to bridge the communication gap between recruiters, who frequently get overwhelmed by the numbers of applicants, and candidates, who all too often are left uninformed, Digi-Me’s latest offering helps recruiters map the steps of the hiring process through simple, short videos.

Under parent company JSTN, Digi-Me is the first and only HR video production company to transform traditional text job posts into interactive digital content. After releasing its client-facing content management system in April of this year, Digi-Me has expanded its core video capabilities, 60-second job postings and Cultural Videos, to now candidate-friendly expectation videos.

“Our Candidate Expectation videos eliminate the number one frustration for candidates: feeling like they are in a black hole,” says Lindsay Stanton, Chief Client Officer at Digi-Me. “This video sets expectations for the hiring process, leaving candidates with a clear understanding of the process and timing and, most importantly, leaving them with a positive feeling about their interaction with your brand.”

The Candidate Expectation Video was created out of the need to save recruiters the time and frustration of individually notifying candidates of their standing during the application process. For employers, the new product alleviates the likelihood of a lack of communication hurting the company’s employer brand, which 32% of applicants said they’d do according to a survey of 3900 job-seekers by Harris Interactive.

To view Digi-Me’s first candidate expectation video, visit HERE

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With our short, customized recruitment videos spotlighting career opportunities and corporate culture, Digi-Me, a JSTN company, delivers information to job-seekers in a way that is more engaging & more accessible across all media platforms and devices. Our professional-quality video solutions include the latest cloud-based tracking technology for up-to-the-minute reporting on candidate behavior as well as automatic integration into your ATS. Harness the power of video to boost SEO, improve candidate self-selection, and stand out from the competition with Digi-Me video solutions. Learn more at digi-me.com.

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