4 Ways to Organize Your Hiring Process

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Guest blog post by Natalie Pike, Inbound Marketing Coordinator for Hireology

Keeping up with the hiring process is a common struggle we’ve heard from many companies over the years.  Hiring managers spend hours upon hours trying to the find the right person for the job with very minimal resources. They recruit, interview, hire, and train their new hires like huge companies do because that’s what they see on the internet and consider most popular. Smaller organizations need to take into consideration their size and budget. An efficient hiring process will vary depending on the company.

Hireology has developed a simplified process for each and every type of business. Whether you’re a hiring manager, a business owner, or a franchisee, these four tips will help streamline your recruitment method in no time.

  1. Get rid of that email address

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure most of you are using an e-mail address to collect resumes and applications. While this is a common way to keep track of your applicants, it’s extremely old-fashioned. How frustrating is it to open your inbox and see 47 emails that you need to go through each morning? Cut this out of your schedule completely and save yourself the headache.

Invest in a system that organizes applicants for you. Imagine logging into a platform and knowing exactly what applicants you’ve looked at and who still needs to be reviewed. This is the first step in organizing your hiring process and how Hireology makes your business run smoothly.

  1. Eliminate uninterested candidates

Unfortunately, not every applicant truly wants to work for you.  9 out of 10 hiring managers say time spent is the most frustrating part of their recruitment process. Interested in cutting this time down? Do you want to begin interviewing candidates who are actually committed to the open position? Start screening your applicants with a survey that’s automatically sent after they apply.

A “Serial Applier,” according to Hireology, is someone who applies to 30 jobs a day to either make their mom happy or to get a paycheck. They couldn’t care less about what the job entails or what your company even does. Hireology’s SmartRank™ Survey will gauge a candidate’s interest in the job and their level of qualifications.

  1. Develop an interview guide

This is the easiest way to organize your hiring process.  Without these, you’re wasting a ton of time. Having a predetermined set of questions to ask every candidate can reduce hiring time and help you find the best person for the position.

In order to make interview guides useful, you need to focus on the job you are hiring for. Every position has different requirements. Dig into the candidate’s behavior and ask questions to determine if the candidate would fit into the company’s culture.  At Hireology, we value optimism. So we ask the question: “On a scale from 1-10, how lucky are you?” Their answer helps us gauge how optimistic they are without asking a direct question about it.

  1. Use a scorecard

An essential element in the interview process is to remove your gut feeling. Using an interview scorecard will do that for you. It’s a quantifiable way to score a candidate’s answers. Instead of saying, “yeah, I liked her, let’s hire her.” You will say, “They scored great based upon what I’m looking for, let’s hire her!” According to Hireology’s Product Development Director, Margot Nash, “The biggest mistake an interviewer can make is not scoring their interviews.”

These four pieces of advice will give your hiring process a true facelift. They will save you an immense amount of time and provide your company with the best employees for the open positions.

Hireology’s data-driven selection management platform helps you hire the right person. Our software works by helping you identify how a candidate’s past behavior will impact their future performance.  With a suite of hiring tools to choose from, Hireology gives you what you need to select the right person for the job directly from your internet browser.

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