Piecing Together Your Recruitment Strategy: Social & Mobile

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written by Christina Young, Assistant Marketing Specialist, Digi-Me
In the past month, we have covered why you need both mobile recruitment and social recruitment; however, the two recruitment strategies really go hand-in-hand. So how can you optimize your recruitment strategy by combining mobile and social?

Mobile Time Spent on Social Media

Digital recruitment is at an all time high, in part, due to the increased importance of mobile in today’s society. Mobile has also caused a shift in people’s digital time spent, which is mostly spent on social media. According to comScore’s 2015 Global Mobile Report, mobile devices account for 76% of total time spent on social media in the U.S. It is projected that in 2016, U.S. adults’ average mobile time spent on social media (30 minutes per day) will double that of the average desktop time spent on social media (14 minutes per day).

While recruiters work to integrate both mobile and social into their recruitment strategies, it is important to keep in mind the way the two go together. For example, when you’re optimizing your site for mobile, are you also including share functions? Or vice versa: how do the things you post on social media look on a mobile device? Today’s job seekers expect to search, view and apply to jobs from any device or platform.

Mobile & Social Job Seekers

Ninety percent of job seekers are now utilizing mobile devices during their job search. Mobile job seekers also use social media more during their job search than non-mobile job seekers. According to Jobvite, mobile job seekers are more likely to turn to Facebook than LinkedIn. However, college-educated job seekers are twice as likely to update their LinkedIn profile with professional information from their mobile device. This further suggests that if you are looking to attract and hire top talent, you need to focus your mobile recruitment strategy on social media.

The Missing Piece: Video

With 86% of jobseekers having a social profile and 4 out of every 10 job seekers having at least 150 connections, it is very powerful to tap into their networks and the data associated with it. Incorporating video into your job postings can help you do just that. In fact, videos are shared 12 times more than links and text posts combined.

Digi-Me videos have an intuitive share function, allowing job seekers to help you go viral with your job opportunities. Our technology also automatically recognizes the language settings of the candidates’ browser making the experience seamless. Not only that, Digi-Me’s mobile functionality allows job seekers to view and apply for jobs directly from their phones, linking to the organization’s ATS, or by pulling information from social media profiles to populate application forms or allowing candidates to upload résumés from online file storage sites, such as Google Docs.

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