#VideoIs Campaign

#Video Is Revolutionary

This campaign is meant to symbolize having the ability to visually record something and having the ability to relive an experience over and over again. This feature offered by Digi-Me has transformed from a long and gruesome process to being accessible at our fingertips. Imagine, years from now when children that were born a couple of years ago are going to be able to relive almost their entire childhood from a third person point of view. Years ago this was a treat for only people who wanted to afford the camera, pay for the film and go through the trouble of also buying the device to replay the film.

Mobile devices, computers, and cloud technology has made video a well known social skill that is now taught at such young age. Digi-Me has begun to take this incredible innovative idea and transform something with it. Our belief is that #VideoIs Relevant.

But that is just our belief. We think that video is what people are sharing everyday. Whether it’s a cute cat video, a video of how to cook bacon filled cinnamon rolls, or sports highlights, video is everywhere. It’s a medium that portrays emotions, information, and gives people and things personalities. Written text can’t do that. You can’t hear a person’s tone of voice or the inflection they use. You can’t see their hand gestures when discussing certain aspects of the company. You can only see the words that the hiring team wants you to see.

Our videos stay relevant through the use of social media. We include links to all the platforms and even promote them on our own social media accounts. This puts our clients’ position in the hands of people that are ahead of the other talent. They see business going digital and have adapted and also remained relevant.

But video is different to each person. To a father it could be memorable, to a scientist it could be informational, and to a bakery it could be delicious. Video has endless potential. Digi-Me sees that and wants to know what you think #VideoIs.

Tweet “#VideoIs (space) __________ @DigiMeVideo”. People want to know! We will even share your videos! Thank you for reading.

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