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“Any company that hasn’t started to address mobile recruiting is at least a year behind,” said Elaine Orler, an expert in recruiting technology and president of the Talent Function Group, a human resources consulting firm, in Wall Street Journal.

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However, that was two years ago, which would make any company that hasn’t started to address mobile recruiting at least two years behind.

The reason why businesses should be investing in mobile recruiting is pretty simple: people are looking for jobs online, and people tend to access the Internet mostly through mobile. According to Jobvite’s 2014 Job Seeker Nation Study, 43% of job seekers have used their mobile device to engage in job seeking activity. Similarly, a study released by showed that 77% of job seekers use mobile apps in their job search. The job seekers who utilize mobile during their search, whether it be online or in apps, are referred to as mobile job seekers.

So how can you adapt your strategy to include mobile recruiting?

Jobvite had mobile job seekers rate the importance of the following in their job search:

  • 55% ability to see job openings or listings without having to register

Some websites require job seekers to register before allowing them to utilize and view their job search tool. Although this may be beneficial for the recruiters, it makes the job search more difficult for mobile job seekers, who would like to be able to access the information they’re searching for instantly.

  • 27% ability to apply for jobs from a mobile device

If job seekers are utilizing their mobile devices to find job postings, they will want to be able to apply to relevant postings when they find them. Not allowing mobile job seekers to apply for jobs from their mobile device could increase your risk of losing the candidate who’s best fit for your position because they will have to take extra steps to re-find your posting on a non-mobile device.

  • 23% website optimized for mobile devices

In order to be able to apply for jobs or even just access them from a mobile device, your job postings and applications will have to be optimized for mobile devices. Thirty-seven percent of millennials expect career websites to be optimized for mobile as well. In other words, mobile job seekers prefer if your entire online recruiting process is optimized for mobile.

A great way to optimize your job postings for mobile is to incorporate video job postings. Video now accounts for more than one third of all mobile traffic, and mobile accounts for nearly half (49%) of time spent consuming digital media according to GO Globe. If you’re looking to easily optimize your job postings for mobile and increase the quantity—and even quality—of applications, you should start utilizing VIDEOJOBS™ for your postings. Learn more about VIDEOJOBS™ to assist in your recruiting needs here.

  • 11% ability to use LinkedIn profile or online resume to apply for a job

Finally, mobile job seekers would like to have the ability to use their LinkedIn profile or an online resume to apply for a job. Doing so helps eliminate the extra steps of filling out an application on their mobile device, making it easier for them to apply for jobs from their mobile devices.

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