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Written by Christina Young, Assistant Marketing Specialist, Digi-Me

Facebook is becoming increasingly appealing to businesses, with over 50 million businesses using Facebook Pages in 2015. When strategized correctly, the social network of 1.65 billion active monthly users can be a prime source of talent for social media recruiting.

Your Facebook recruitment strategy should focus on a few key elements: posting your job openings, promoting your company’s culture and connecting with potential candidates.

When sharing links to current job openings, consider asking employees to share the links on their own profiles as well. Social sharing can help job openings go viral, reaching and attracting top talent that may be outside of your company’s direct network. Digi-Me’s digital job posting videos are trackable, allowing companies to track their candidates’ hiring process from start to finish.

Promoting your company culture on your Page is also essential to your Facebook recruitment strategy. This will allow potential candidates to get a better look inside your company’s day-to-day life. Gaining a better sense of your company culture allows candidates to self-select themselves in or out of the hiring process, which can potentially save you time and money. Digi-Me’s cultural videos are short, customized videos that express a company’s culture, goals and benefits as a way to help find qualified job candidates.

Connecting with potential candidates is the main goal of all social media recruiting. Aside from posting your job openings and promoting your company culture, you have several other means of connection. Facebook Groups are a great place to find potential candidates based on certain interests, or even boards created specifically for current job openings.

Wherever you post your content, you should focus on creating connections and communicating with potential candidates throughout your social media recruiting efforts. Show your potential candidates that you’re open to answering their questions by being active throughout your social media pages, whether that be by responding to comments or posting frequently. Having an active social profile reflects on your company culture and can help attract the kind of employees you want at your organization.

Digi-Me creates short, professional-quality videos to help companies like yours engage job seekers the way they want to be engaged. Digi-Me’s digital recruitment videos, Cultural Videos and Candidate Expectation Videos are trackable, with reports that measure the number of views and shares by each source. Digi-Me videos are also mobile optimized, allowing them to be viewed and shared from any device, and they fully integrate with your ATS!

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