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Apollo Technical states that every month, three to four and a half million American employees quit their jobs. Retention is not as difficult as it may seem, but it does require a cohesive efforts from the entire organization. It begins and ends with two very important aspects of hiring and retaining: the candidate experience you give applicants and your employer brand message.

In terms of a global reach, research shows that online videos can reach 92.3% of people around the world with Internet access. 90% of people enjoy watching videos on a mobile device. 66% of users find short-form video to be the most compelling type of content when making a purchasing decision. This is no different than selecting the right employer.

According to Zippia, 69% of candidates would not accept a job offer from an employer they feel has a poor employer brand. Text alone won’t sell your employer brand and EVP. You are not the only employer hiring; you have competition that also wants the best talent. What you need to do is show and tell your story. This is how you can drive recruitment success. There is no better way to demonstrate your employer brand than by using an employer brand video.

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