Leveraging Mobile Recruitment to Attract Top Candidates

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written by Christina Young, Assistant Marketing Specialist, Digi-Me


With 94 percent of recruiters using digital platforms to hire candidates over the last six years, digital recruitment has reached an all time high. Digital recruitment includes mobile recruiting, which is the notion of utilizing and optimizing for mobile. Since then, mobile usage has increased and the behaviors of mobile users have been rapidly changed, which means that your recruitment needs to change as well.

Why You Need Mobile Recruiting:

“Companies that don’t have a mobile strategy are going to miss out on engaging with a significant portion of the talent pool, especially millennials and tech professionals who are even more mobile-savvy than average,” said Jason Berkowitz, Vice President of Client Services at Seven Step RPO, a recruitment process outsourcing company, to Business News Daily.

Mobile recruitment has the power to increase your overall talent pool, as there are over 6 billion mobile subscriptions worldwide; however, the job seeker expectations should be at the forefront of your mobile recruitment strategy.

Today’s job seekers expect to be able to search, view and apply to jobs from any device, including their smartphones.  Searching for job opportunities via mobile is also rising in popularity. With 90 percent of job seekers now utilizing mobile devices during their job search, it is imperative to incorporate mobile into your recruiting strategy. And, keep in mind that when your candidates are on mobile they want short, easy to digest job messaging.

How to Leverage Mobile Recruiting:

So how can you implement and leverage mobile in your recruitment strategy?

  1. Optimize Your Career Site: If you have not done so already, redesign your site so it is mobile responsive. This will allow the format of your site on a desktop to transfer seamlessly onto a mobile device, increasing the ease of use for candidates on mobile.
  1. Optimize Your Job Listings: Even if you can afford or do not have control to revamp your career site, you can mobile optimize your postings.  Many job listings incorporate long text descriptions. For mobile, you should reduce content for viewers to easily read and implement job search filters. The easiest way to mobile optimize your postings is through short videos.  Do you know that at an average speaking speed, 180 words equals 60 seconds in a video? A candidate can actually learn and retain up to 60 percent more about a position by watching a recruitment video versus reading text alone. Recruitment videos can also increase the conversion rate between candidate views and applies by up to 42 percent, depending on the role and location.  Plus you have the added benefit of candidates sharing your message socially.
  1. Refresh Your Emails: Similarly, your email templates should be adjusted to mobile versions. Keeping the content short, yet catchy, will encourage candidates to click through to your career site.
  1. Simplify Your Mobile Apply Process: Most job applications require candidates to upload at least a resume, with many requiring a cover letter or samples as well. This is a difficult task to complete via mobile. Luckily, there are several mobile-friendly alternatives including allowing candidates to submit their LinkedIn profile, online portfolios, blogs, or even upload their resume from cloud storage devices like Google Drive or Dropbox. Although this is one of the biggest challenges to overcome in mobile recruiting, it is also important to minimize the amount of clicks it takes for candidates to complete their applications – remember, they expect things to be quick and easy. When adjusting your mobile apply process, also think about security. Candidates will not feel comfortable sharing highly secure information like a social security number on mobile.

How Digi-Me Can Help

Digi-Me’s professional-quality video solutions and mobile functionality allows candidates to view and apply for jobs directly from their phones. Digi-Me links video job postings and applications to the organization’s ATS, and can even populate application forms by pulling information from social media profiles or allow candidates to upload resumes from online file storage sites.

Schedule a free demo today. Visit digi-me.com/demo to learn more.

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