How to Win the War on Talent with Digital Video Technology

Win the War on Talent
Win the War on Talent and Get a Leg Up on the Competition

By definition, the job marketis the market that companies and employers search for employees, and likewise, employees search for jobs. The job market is not tangible or physical in nature; it is a concept that demonstrates the competition and interplay found with the different labor forces, also known as the labor market.

The labor market continues to be a war for top talent among employers. It’s not easy finding good, reliable labor to fill evergreen and niche roles—it can be costly too.

Challenges that Employers are Faced with

A recent poll from NPR/Marist reported that one out of five jobs in the US is held by a worker that is under a contract. Furthermore, it is expected that freelance and contract workers could account for half of the American workforce in the next decade. This means that job seekers can expect to see more and more temporary opportunities up for grabs in the next decade. 

Today, after two years of employment, “job-hopping” is a common means for candidates to increase his or her wages to attain better, higher ranking job titles. Contract work is an option for job seekers to improve and diversify his or her skillset in a short period of time, which can be very attractive to future employers.

Another recent development in the workforce is that baby boomers are continuing to retire, leaving higher paid roles and opening doors to new opportunities. Not only are they retiring, but they are doing so in huge numbers.

No doubt about it, it is a candidate driven market. Talent acquisition professionals are faced with so many challenges.

Video Job Ads are a Great Tool for Winning the War on Talent

One minute of video is much easier to digest on a mobile device than a long string of text. Music, text graphics, b-roll, color schemes and a voice over not only tells a job seeker information about a job, but also tells potential candidates about your organization, your brand and your culture. It gives a vibe or feel to the future employer.

Videos help tell – and sell – a story. A critical thing to remember is to keep your messaging short and simple. Digi-Me’s typical VIDEOJOBS™ are 60 seconds in length. We track the length of time that our videos are viewed by candidates and have found that recruitment professionals want to stay around one minute for their video job ads. Viewer drop offs generally increase after one minute.

Ready to attract the attention of top talent and stand out from your competitors? Video jobs ads will achieve just that and reduce turnover. With a much clearer picture of you, the employer, candidates once they are hired, will stay onboard longer.

Contact Digi-Me to learn more about how video job ads can help you.


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