How to Participate in a Virtual Career Fair

Are you looking to recruit new top talent? Virtual career fairs can be an excellent solution for recruiting during the current pandemic.

Online job expos have gained popularity and are a useful way for companies and job seekers to connect virtually.

If you’re looking for an easy way to connect with candidates, continue reading to learn more about participating in a virtual career fair!

What is a Virtual Career Fair? 

The Balance Careers explains, a virtual career fair is an online “event” in which employers and job seekers each meet in a virtual environment. This involves using chat rooms, teleconferencing, webcasts, webinars and/or email to exchange information about job openings. Job seekers are able to upload their resume and connect with companies through their virtual booths.

Virtual career fairs can vary in style from a simple website with employee websites or they can be more elaborate incorporating virtual booths that often have chat rooms and video presentations.

Any type of organization can choose to host a job fair. Some examples of organizations that may host a job fair include colleges, employment agencies, and trade associations.

Virtual job fairs are also a great opportunity for organizations to host the same event they would in person, for free online!

Since any kind of organization may host this event, any type of industry or profession can participate in a virtual job fair.

How It Works

Job seekers will fill out a questionnaire about their interests and experience and upload their resume to register. The career fair may then use these to match job seekers with companies based on skill. Job seekers will then have the opportunity for personal contact with companies which can include a chat room or leaving their information with a company.

Career fairs typically offer resources for job seekers such as interview and resume tips while virtual companies’ booths provide information about their company, job openings available, and contact information.

The majority of the fair can be explored at the job seekers pace; however, you may opt to host a chat, webinar, or online presentations at a specific time.

Benefits of Participating in a Virtual Career Fair

In the past, companies may have had to eliminate highly qualified candidates due to geographic restrictions. A virtual job fair is an opportunity to find qualified job seekers from all over the world.

The ability to register and access a career fair online encourages higher participation and may be able to catch the attention of both active and passive candidates. This also allows for improved recruitment efficiency as companies are able to instantly filter candidates based on their resume and questionnaire answers.

During this time, participating in a virtual job fairs can be a great way to attract remote-based employees. You can use this opportunity to create an exciting visitor experience that attracts job seekers to your brand.

Adding a video to your virtual booth can build a strong brand image in the job seekers mind and increase job applications by 36%. Video job ads are a perfect way to do this and Digi-Me is here to help.

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