How to Hire a Freelancer That Will Help You With Your Small Business Case Studies

Freelance writers are usually universally trained and can easily wrap their heads around the product, service, or topic they will write about. However, if you what to hire a freelancer, there may be some challenges you will face at the initial stages of your collaboration, predominantly about the work format. Here are the major challenges of working with a freelancer:

  • Time zone differences that can impact communication and task delivery;
  • Communication issues may arise as freelancers are not working as a part of your company;
  • Freelancers may need more information about the product, especially if it is complex, which is solved by effective communication;
  • Issues about working culture, as freelancers are not a part of your company.

All the issues above can be resolved by effective marketing and quality onboarding of such writers in your company. So, here are essential tips on how to hire a writing translation pro and improve your sales.

Analyze and Define Your Needs

Before starting the search itself, you need to define what you are looking for. Then, look at the scope of the tasks and clarify your expectations from the writer. Also, you need to come up with the qualities and qualifications of your ideal freelance writer. Searching for matching expertise will be easier when you have clear business needs and tasks.

Additionally, you may include your company values and culture in this list; for many businesses, ethical matching with the candidate is just as important.

Explain the Project in All the Details

It is crucial to communicate the expectations of the writer. So, before you look for the writer, give them a clear explanation of the project or the job. Naturally, the business cannot disclose all the details before hiring the writer. However, the more information you can give, the more realistic the writer’s expectations will be.

The project description will give the writer an idea of what they will write about. So, an insightful explanation may instantly click with the right candidate.

Interview Your Potential Candidates

Freelance work and communication are usually done via messengers and emails. Yet, if you need a freelancer content writer to write quality case studies, understand the subject matter, and dedicate enough time to the research, it is best to interview the candidate first. An interview will help you screen the person and make the best possible decision regarding your collaboration.

Additionally, an interview will reduce misunderstanding and give the freelancer the space to ask questions about your company, projects, or the case studies they will write.

Sign a Contract

Even though a freelancer does not have to sign a full-time job agreement, it is best to define all the rules and principles in a document. Depending on the freelancer’s job format, it can be either a personal agreement with them or the company they represent.

In either case, a contract with the freelancer will ensure the legitimacy of your professional relations, simplify the taxation process for them, clarify the parties’ obligations, and safeguard the freelancer’s rights.

Be a Supportive Manager For a Freelance Team

If you want your freelancers to write case studies well, you must still attend to them as a manager and be present. Therefore, keeping in touch with your freelancers and tracking their work is important. Also, freelancers need a manager as a person they can approach with any emerging questions.

A present manager can prevent many issues with the tasks if freelancers know they can get all the clarifications from them. Of course, they work independently, but it does not mean they must be completely left alone.

Keep in Mind that Freelancers Are Not In-Housers

At the same time, as freelancers need a manager they can talk to, the said manager should not forget they cannot demand more from freelancers than they agreed to. Therefore, the freelancers will not dedicate eight hours daily to your business. Such a collaboration format means tasks should be planned ahead, as freelancers may not have the space to take on urgent tasks.

Pay Your Freelancers Timely

Trust in the collaboration must stand on both parties living up to their obligations. Therefore, it is extremely important to pay freelancers fairly. The problem for freelancers in the current labor market is that they are stripped of many benefits in-house workers have. For that reason, a trustful relationship with a professional freelance writer means timely and fair pay.

Provide Them With Everything Necessary

Writing case studies may be quite a peculiar work, so freelance writers should have all the necessary information or consultations to write them properly. A good thing in such a case would be a knowledge base or a library they can refer to when they need clarifications. On top of that, such an implementation will add to the order of the information on your small business.

Communicate Tasks Clearly

Communicating with the writer is an extremely important part of successful work. The manager needs to understand how the processes go and what instructions the writer will need. A well-articulated task must answer all the possible questions before those emerge. With well-planned work and detailed tasks, the completion of tasks timely will be possible.


Having a freelance writer or a small team of them will work well for your business. Today, the culture of freelance writing is elaborate enough to write writers with any specification and choose among them like on different writing services. To find the perfect candidate, the business must dedicate time, define its goals, and interview candidates. Finally, well-organized management will ensure smooth processes even if the team is not working in-house.

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