Employer Branding on a Budget

With the current talent shortage that we are facing, employer branding is becoming more and more important to companies, every day. This means that your brand, as an employer, is just as important as your brand as a service or product provider. The problem with employer branding is that it can be costly, and the returns are not as direct as the branding for your company’s product or service. This is why we have compiled a list of some of the best employer branding tips that won’t terrify your accounting department.

1. Have your employees spruce up their social media

Everyone knows that social media is king. Potential job candidates will scour the internet for your company and employee social media profiles. While telling your employees how to operate their personal social media profiles should never be done, encouraging them to include information about the company in their bio or to share blogs from your website can be a huge help. LinkedIn, particularly, is a place you should really encourage your employees to focus on. Having them post videos or photos from inside the office and sharing company content can be a great way to help with the employer brand image of your company.

2. Livestream or upload live video from within the office

From office parties, to fun meetings, to retreats, showing video or livestreaming from these company events can be a great way to help show how fun your organization can be and help build its brand as an employer that is enjoyable to work for. Giving potential future employees a glimpse into what it will be like working there is a great way to establish a brand and reputation amongst job seekers.

3. Allow employees to write for your blog

Allowing your employees to write blogs is an amazing way to help build the brand through SEO. Not only will this help drive traffic, but it is likely that you will get a lot more diverse content for your site if you have many people writing. Getting different perspectives on different topics is a great way to put out quality content and show people that you have a diverse set of employees.

4. Use custom video job advertisements

Recruiting can be a costly activity at times, and during a talent shortage, it can be even worse. Setting yourself apart is important, which is why utilizing video job ads is a great way to do just that. The internet is full of poorly written text job advertisements, and the well written ads struggle to stand out due to the sheer overall volume. Unlike text, video is creative and can show off much more than any text ad ever could. You can show video from inside the office or show interviews with employees to give candidates an inside look into your values. Not only are VIDEOJOBS™ better for building your brand, but they are better at capturing the attention of talent. Google gives priority to sites hosting video, so simply by having video job ads, you stand out from the rest of the employers out there and have a better chance at achieving higher SEO rankings.

SEO is also influenced by how much something is shared. Since videos come in an easily shareable format and can be viewed on mobile devices, they become a job advertisement that has the potential to go viral instead of remaining unseen. Not only are they extremely effective at boosting SEO, but they have also been shown to reduce a company’s cost per hire by up to 56%. This huge cost savings coupled with the increased SEO make them an amazing way to build your brand and optimize recruiting all while saving enough money to make your HR managers smile.

5. Show off your culture

Publicly showing off what kind of culture you have is a great way to build your employer brand. This is especially good if you run a more modern and progressive company. Except for a few professions which require a certain level of formality, gone are the days of stuffy cold offices where a full suit is mandatory, and the only value is working yourself to death. Employee happiness and freedom is now what matters as it creates a more productive work environment. Using social media to show off your company and how much fun it looks to work at your office is a great way to build your companies image as a progressive and modern employer. Not only is this seen on social media, but whenever someone comes into the office they will be greeted by your environment which can go a long way with people who come in for interviews.

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