Digi-Me and Boxwood Career Solutions Announce Partnership to Offer Video Job Ad Postings to Association Career Centers

Boxwood Career Solutions - A Naylor Company

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AURORA, Ill., Oct 06, 2015 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Digi-Me and Boxwood Career Solutions, a Naylor Association Solutions Company, have formed a partnership to deliver video job advertisements to association career centers. Associations will significantly improve search engine optimization (SEO) results for their website, as the presence of video on a webpage makes it 53 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google. Employers can now present job opportunities in a dynamic, engaging format, increasing view-to-apply conversions, widen talent search, and stand out from their competition.

“We are very excited to be the first in the association market to offer video job ads to employers posting on our clients’ career centers. Overall, this will improve the association, employer, and job seeker experience — having a direct, positive impact on the association community as a whole. We will be rolling this new product out in phases to our clients over the next two months,” said Drew DeSarle, group vice president of Boxwood job posting sales.

“A recent study reveals that association candidates are four times more likely to engage in digital content, specifically video job ads, when searching for their next career move,” added DeSarle. “On average, two minutes and 54 seconds are spent absorbing digital content, versus 55 seconds spent on a text-based job posting. Additionally, when candidates play the video job ad, engagement increases to five minutes and 23 seconds,” DeSarle concluded.

The dynamic partnership with Digi-Me and Boxwood is tackling the global appetite of candidates for video content by digitizing job postings into trackable, short, engaging videos with compelling calls-to-action and dropping them directly into an employer’s applicant tracking system (ATS). These videos can be viewed cross-device — computers, tablets, and mobile. The candidate’s responses can be tracked via the “share,” “view,” and “apply” functionalities. This pushes digital content to the top of search engine listings. Candidates are four times more likely to instantly share video job postings, making critical job postings instantly go viral.

“Digi-Me helps global organizations drive better efficiency and effectiveness across recruitment practices,” said Lindsay Stanton, Chief Client Officer of Digi-Me. “This is a win–win for everyone involved. The integration of Digi-Me VIDEOJOBS™ is simple, easy, and effective, and the Boxwood partnership will greatly increase the visibility of job openings and increase the SEO for associations’ websites. Digi-Me is versatile and we know Boxwood’s customers will experience increased applications and better quality candidates,” Stanton said.

View more about Digi-Me’s video solutions and learn more about Boxwood’s comprehensive products and services.

About Boxwood Career Solutions

Boxwood Career Solutions is the leading provider of online career centers and career-related services to associations. With an exclusive focus on associations, Boxwood provides an industry-leading technology platform for the delivery of its products and services. The Boxwood product suite includes online learning, virtual and on-site career fairs, coaching, mentoring, resume writing and online profile development, among others. Driven by a culture of innovation, Boxwood has delivered many firsts to the industry, including a mobile-optimized version of the career center, a Facebook application, and a career-focused eNewsletter integrated with the career center. Boxwood has offices in McLean, Virginia, and Hunt Valley, Maryland. For more information visit www.naylor.com/career-center-solutions.

About Digi-Me

With our short, customized recruitment videos spotlighting career opportunities and corporate culture, Digi-Me, a JSTN company, delivers information to job seekers in a way that is more engaging and more accessible across all media platforms and devices. Our professional-quality video solutions include the latest cloud-based tracking technology for up-to-the-minute reporting on candidate behavior as well as automatic integration into your ATS. Harness the power of video to boost SEO, improve candidate self-selection, and stand out from the competition with Digi-Me video solutions. Learn more at digi-me.com.

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