Competing for Top Talent in Today’s Competitive Job Market

Competing for Talent
Digi-Me Video Job Ads Help in Competing for Today’s Top Talent

Written by Allison Sima, Director of Marketing


Competition for talent is fierce! Available job openings today significantly outweigh the number of unemployed workers.

According to CNBC earlier this year, Ward McCarthy, Chief Financial U.S. Economist at Jefferies, said, “Despite the 21.4 [million] private sector jobs that have been generated to-date this cycle, the private business sector continues to generate a very strong demand for labor that is evidenced by the very large number of job openings that business wants to fill. The biggest threat to job growth is available supply, not demand for labor.”

It’s Not Just the Job Seekers that are Competing, it’s Organizations Too!

All things considered, job seekers are not the only ones competing for jobs. Your talent acquisition team is also competing for top talent. You want the best people for the job and so does your competitors.

With such high competition, it is imperative that your organization stands out, both with branding and marketing, to make the opportunity look appealing.

Video Job Ads Will Help Your Organization Stand Out

Digital technology has changed the way job seekers find job opportunities, for many reasons. There are two types of job seekers today. First, there is the active job seeker, the one who peruses for the latest openings on job boards, social profiles, typing in keywords on search engines, or looking directly at an organization’s career site.

Second, there is the passive job seeker, which are the ones recruiters work diligently to find. While they are not actively looking, the right message could sway a passive job seeker to want to learn more about an opportunity.

Given the current unemployment rates, active seekers are few and far between.  In order to catch any interest to your open positions, your employer brand, in addition to the job responsibilities, is what will “reel in” the right catch.

A short, 60-second video job ad can show and tell your story. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Forrester Research says that 60 seconds of video is worth 1.8 million words!

With color, music, a captivating voiceover that gives the viewer job details, text graphics that display highlights of the job, and high quality footage and images, the candidate gets a much clearer picture than he or she ever would by reading a paragraph of text. As a matter of fact, job seekers learn and retain 60% more information while watching and listening to a video versus reading a text job description. 

An employer branding video is presented to a candidate BEFORE the interview and displays your company, your culture, what you do, what your environment looks like, and what to expect. It gives a feeling and a first impression. First impressions only present themselves once, so you want your first impression to not only be superior, but also genuine and authentic. An employer branding video will achieve just that.

Ready to make your job openings stand out? Digi-Me can help. Contact us today and schedule your free demo!

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